200GB Recordable Blu-Ray disc with Six Layers developed by TDK

Blu-ray Disc logo Japan’s TDK has developed a prototype single-sided recordable blue laser disc with a capacity of 200GB, thereby reaching a new milestone in data storage on Blu-ray discs.

The disc doubles TDK’s previous 100GB prototype and is possible by creating six distinct layers of data, each capable of holding 33.6GB. The latest prototype will store approximately 18 hours of HD (high-definition) video.

The prototype, like all Blu-ray media, is single sided. TD vice president Bruce Youmans commented, “The ultra-ambitious technology roadmap for Blu-ray has now been confirmed as realistic, with landmarks such as this proving the long-term value of the format against its rivals.” According to TDK such high-capacity discs could be commercially available in a few months.