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1Password makes the jump to Android, available for free until August

For those of you unaware about 1Password, it’s a pretty nifty tool utilized by iOS and OS X users for managing their passwords. The fact that it has finally arrived for Android in its full form is in itself a big deal, but what’s more than that is it is free to download and will be like that till August 1, 2014.

Developed by Agile Bits, 1Password brings most of the features which its iOS counterpart app enjoys. It can help you generate strong and unique passwords with just the tap of a button, and it can even act as a vault for all your password to solve the problem of forgetting them.


What if someone hacks into it and gains all your passwords, you ask? The developers of course have an answer to that; 1Password is the beneficiary of 256-bit AES encryption which is claimed to be ‘military grade’ in nature. In short, it will be next to impossible for anyone other than you to retrieve your data.

Equipped with tablet as well as smartphone UI, this application can keep your keys synced, so that you can access them on a PC, Mac, iPhone or an iPad. Once you have stored all your passwords inside its vault, all you’ll need to remember is a single master password. If in any case your device is lost, an auto-lock protects all your data from going into wrong hands.

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1Password is live now on the Google Play store and can be acquired for free till August 1. Following this date, it will only be available in a read-only mode, not letting you edit your stuff unless you purchase it with an amount that’s expected to be rather steep.