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1Password Alternatives

1Password alternatives should come in handy for storing your passwords in one place and never worry about forgetting them ever again, just like the cross-platform application in question. Regardless of whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS X or mobile operating systems like iOS or Android, you will find a relevant program on this roster. As you may already know, 1Password only requires you to remember only a master password and keeps the rest of your credentials under lock and makes them available for you as and when you wish to log into a particular website.

Considering the number of accounts we have on various portals on the internet, it becomes all the more important to save the passwords somewhere so as to not forget them. And storing them as notes on the phone or the computer is not advisable as they may fall into the wrong hands. Thus, you should take a look at the list here to find that one application that is perfect for you.

1 – LastPass:

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LastPass is an efficient password manager that is available for a whole lot of devices including desktop computers running Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, mobile devices based on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and any other internet-enabled phone with a web browser. A master password is what you need to remember and there’s absolutely no need to waste your time filling different online forms.


You can make various profiles in the software and choose information from which one of those should be filled in. Apart from automatically filling codes in the fields, the program can even generate passwords that it saves locally on your device. There’s an option to save notes and other information in the application as well. Some of its substitutes are mentioned here.

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2 – KeePass:

The next spot on our compilation of programs like 1Password has been assigned to KeePass that has a strong security system in place, thanks to the AES encryption and Twofish algorithm. It lets you have a master password to unlock all your other details or carry a key file in a CD or USB drive to access them. For added safety, you can activate both methods, thus safeguarding information from prying eyes.


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There’s an option to export the file of passwords in various formats like TXT, HTML, CSV or XML and it assists you with filling up dialog boxes or web-forms as well. We had formulated a list of some applications like KeePass and you check it out for some more similar options.

3 – Keeper:

Keeper is another cross-platform application on our catalog featuring software similar to 1Password that makes sure you do not fall prey to data or identity thefts. It keeps the content safe and accessible only to you and the program with military-grade encryption watches websites for you or fills in the details to save you some time.

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It even randomly generates passcodes for you so you do not end up keeping the same one for all your accounts. The passcode manager is available for desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets or any other device featuring a web browser. It synchronizes your data across all platforms.

4 – Dashlane:

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With Dashlane, you will never have to worry about keeping track of each and every passcode you have on various accounts all over the internet. A secured vault is created and you can easily import your details from any browser into the vault. You can generate new codes and in case the websites are breached, the application sends you alerts to warn you regarding the same and gives you the option to update the passcode immediately.


Its auto-login feature fills in all the details for you. The AES-256 encrypted program lets you send encrypted self-destructible documents to family members or friends as well.

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5 – Ever Password:

This application synchronizes your private data across mobile devices like iPhone and iPad and desktop gadgets based on Windows and Mac systems. It is available free of charge and requires you to sign up through one of the compatible devices.

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Ever Password

Just like all the contenders on this roster, you need to remember only a master code and in order to keep all your data safe, the program avoids saving it on the server. In case you are not comfortable with the synchronization bit, simply activate the standalone mode and the content will be saved on the local device.

UPDATE: The service doesn’t work anymore.

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6 – Roboform:

Taking our roundup of programs like 1Password a bit further is Roboform that remembers your passcodes so you do not have to. You can not only rely on it to make details available to you as and when you want but also for filling up the required fields when you are signing into a website.


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Personal details that you provide to the application can be used for filling out forms and the application can be synchronized across multiple gadgets including, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more. It is available for Windows and Mac PCs, Android and iOS gadgets and for a number of popular web browsers.

7 – OneKey Pro:

And here’s an iOS application for those who need to keep their details safe on their iPhones and iPads. Apart from passcodes, you can save usernames, websites, credit card details, PINs, notes and many other things and rest assured as it won’t be accessible to anyone but you.

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OneKey Pro

256-bit encryption makes this password manager extremely secure and you can activate time-out locks for added security. In case you want to ensure you do not lose your data, you can save it to Dropbox and restore it to the device as and when you want.

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So these were some of the 1Password alternatives that we think are as good as the app in question. And if you happen to try them out, we would like you to get back and share your experiences with us through the comments section below.

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