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Pressy adds an awesomely useful button to your Android phone [Video]

Pressy is a Kickstarter project which is as awesome as it is handy. Imagine executing several of the most used tasks on your phone with just the press of a button. No need to unlock your screen and look for the concerned app if you have the Pressy. You can instruct your handset to carry out a particular function by sending it a click or a series of clicks. It’s like Morse code for your device.

The tiny add-on fits into the headphone jack of your Android smartphone and protrudes ever so slightly, just enough to make it look like a button. By default, a double click on it gets the camera to snap a picture, a short one turns the flashlight on/off and one long press enables coaxing the handset in or out of silent mode.

You can plug in Pressy and download the related application in order to set your very own custom actions involving a combination of long and short presses. Check out the video we’ve posted above to see just how simple the app interface is. Combinations for recording a call, sending a pre-typed message, shutting down all the running programs and so on can be built without breaking a sweat.

But what if you’re the kind of person who has earphones hanging from his ears at all times? Simply insert the plug into the optional key chain sold by the maker and use the controls on the headphones as Pressy. Neat. The Kickstarter project has been so well received, it managed to rake in $304,237 in funding, which is way higher than the $40,000 the company was aiming for.

Only Android devices running v2.3 or higher are compatible with Pressy. It should start shipping out in March 2014. The add-on costs $17 (plus $5 if you reside outside the US) and for $3 more, the manufacturer will also throw in the key chain.