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16GB Nokia N9 price slashed by a huge bit on Expansys

16GB Nokia N9

For all those who still have some cash left over in spite of the wholesale holiday binging, Expansys is offering the 16GB Nokia N9 at a reduced price. The MeeGo powered handset that never quite made it to every nook and cranny across the globe can be picked up for as low as £370.

With 19 declared to be in stock at present, the retailer is vending the magenta colored phone at £369.99, that’s £85 lower than the original £454.99 price label. For £10 more, the device dipped in cyan, can be ordered at £379.99. There are 5 pieces in stock currently.

Those who’ll settle for nothing less than a deeply somber tone – the taste for the classic black shade comes at a price. It reads at £80 over the pink hued version, to be more precise. And Expansys owns up to having only 5 such devices in its inventory now, as pointed out by My Nokia Blog. Well, it looks like fuchsia isn’t a very popular color among tech buffs out there.

Expansys 16GB Nokia N9

As for the N9’s specs, the Finnish manufacturer introduced it back in June as a ‘pure touch’ phone and hence the façade sporting a 3.9-inch AMOLED curved glass screen and no buttons. An 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus and HD recording capabilities sits on the rear. A 1GHz processor, up to 64GB storage and a 1450mAh Li-ion battery also figure among the main features.

Since Expansys is clearly not promising that it won’t run out of 16GB Nokia N9 units, it’d be a wise idea for fans to hit up the retailer’s online portal and spy out their options already.


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