16 Best Low Storage Games For Android and iOS That Take Up Little Space

Best Low Storage Games

Low storage games don’t get enough credit among mainstream mobile gamers in our opinion. There are so many offerings out there that are entertaining and provide a solution to an issue many people do not normally consider. One of the biggest problems of buying entry-level phones or even base models is the shortage of storage space that eventually makes its presence felt. It’s even worse if the user has an unflinching love for games. They are more often than not forced to remove some apps to get a good game installed on their devices. And even then, the ‘phone storage is full’ notification never manages to leave their sight. This makes playing high-end games an almost impossible task on such handsets.

This regular uninstalling of apps, clearing of cache, deleting precious photos and videos and other such space-recovering tasks become a habit for such people. Just to make some space for a game they play during their free time to unwind themselves, they have to spend valuable time clearing up some storage space for them. Even that is not enough sometimes, which leads to more disappointment. This is when the need for low memory mobile games that take up extremely low storage arises. The options we’ve listed below are games that don’t take up a lot of storage space on your smartphone while being fun and exciting to play.

Some of the following games that take up little space are available only on Android, while some are also available on iOS. The low space games we’ve chosen include options from a range of different genres. Some of them are extremely addictive in nature, so be warned about a lot of your time getting consumed by them.  So without any further ado, let’s get going with the list.

1 – Lifeline

One of the most innovative and thrilling mobile games of recent times, Lifeline will always have you on the edge of your seat. Available for Android and iOS, it’s a text-based adventure game. The story is about an astronaut who has crashed onto a foreign planet that’s inhabited by hostile elements. The astronaut has somehow managed to reach you via his communication equipment, and you are hence needed to guide him as he goes about his attempt to escape the planet.

And you do this only by choosing from two different responses that are given to you in text form. All the communication coming from him is also in text form. It’s hence amazing how much the game is able to keep you hooked with no action happening on your screen. Lifeline was released way back in 2015, but it still holds up thanks to its innovative and thrilling gameplay.

Download: iOSPlayStore

2 – Pixel Kingdom

If you’re all for the classic art style from yesteryear RPGs like Chrono Trigger, then Pixel Kingdom might just be the right choice for you in this list of low MB games. It’s basically a tower defense game with real-time strategy elements embedded into it. Think Plants vs. Zombies but with way less storage being consumed on your phone.

The game revolves around the premise that you are the ruler of a kingdom that has to defend itself from the onslaught of an invasion. The enemies keep streaming in from the right, and you are needed to storm your troops from the left. As you keep progressing, you can earn newer troops and powers. Pixel Kingdom used to be available for iOS devices, but it has been removed from the App Store for some reason. But you can definitely download this title on your Android device.

Download: PlayStore

3 – ZigZag

Among all these games is ZigZag, which you can play just by tapping your thumb on the screen and doing nothing else. The game has you controlling the direction of a ball as it navigates difficult environments and collects gems. The game is over if you let the ball drop down from the ledge. ZigZag’s main appeal is its simplicity.

You do not need to hold the phone in landscape mode, and you don’t even need more than one finger to play it. This makes it a perfect companion for some light gaming when you want to kill some time. It has been developed by Ketchapp, a company that has plenty of other such games based on the same basic gameplay mechanic.

Download: iOSPlayStore

4 – Gem Miner 2

Gem Miner lets you crawl through dungeons, but the catch is that there’s barely any light for you to see ahead. The unpredictable environments are procedurally generated, adding uncertainty at every step of the game. Developed by Psym Mobile, this one’s a pretty old game, but it has held the test of time. It’s one of the finest offerings out there if you’re looking for games that take up little space.

As you progress, you can buy lifts, improved mining gear, supports, ladders, torches and much more. Gem Miner also treats you with challenge levels featuring specific aims and rewards. It’s a game filled with engrossing content that will keep you hooked to it for hours on the trot. Unfortunately, it’s not available for iOS devices.

Download: PlayStore

5 – Chess – Play & Learn

If your phone storage is full, Chess – Play & Learn is yet another game with hours and hours of exciting gameplay packed into it that doesn’t warrant much of your precious space. Available for both Android and iOS devices, it allows you to play chess online with other players from all over the globe. And if you’re not up for that, you can also play with the AI at various difficulties.

This title is completely free and unlimited, and it adjusts its difficulty over time, based on how you fare in it. The best part about Chess – Play & Learn is the ability to challenge your friends to matches to see who comes up at the top. Lastly, it also updates itself with daily articles by top authors and coaches to help you sharpen your skills in the brain-testing phenomenon that’s chess.

Download: iOSPlayStore

6 – Hexagon King

This one’s a crazy puzzler that really manages to test your patience. A shape is placed on top of several blocks, and you have to keep it from touching the ground. You need to tap on those blocks to remove them, while of course, ensuring that the shape at the top doesn’t tumble. Hexagon King has a total of six shapes, with the most difficult one among them being the circle.

Others include the octagon, the heptagon, the hexagon, the pentagon, the star, and the cross. As you improve your skills, we advise you to try out the more difficult shapes, until you reach the cruelest among them all – the circle. There’s no need to tell you that this can be an extremely addictive affair, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

7 – Skiddy Car

Here’s another one of those one-tap games that you can play with just your thumb. Skiddy car brings with it drifting vehicles and progressively dangerous tracks. Your taps on the screen will change the directions of these automobiles, and stop them from falling off the tracks. There’s an added element of collecting coins as you go along, to exchange them for newer cars.

Skiddy Car is a colorful game that doesn’t even remind you that it’s so low in size. It doesn’t take much time to load, and the tracks you play on are pretty small in length, which means you can always have short sessions without really setting aside a special time for it. You can play this game on both Android and iOS devices.

Download: iOSPlayStore

8 – Drop7

Zynga, the company most famous for developing FarmVille, has a great title on offer for those who are on the lookout for low storage games. Drop7 is a mathematical puzzle game filled with countless scenarios for you to test your numerical skills in. You are presented with a 7 x 7 grid, with its columns and rows filled with coins denoting specific numbers. A new coin is then presented at the top, Tetris-style, and you are now to choose where it gets dropped.

If you drop it in a row or column with the number of coins in either matching the number on that specific coin, all the discs in them get cleared. And sure enough, chain reactions can make the vanishing coins look all the more satisfying. Drop7 comes with a trio of game modes – classic, blitz and sequence. The respective app stores for both Android and iOS offer this one in their stocks of low MB games.

Download: PlayStore

9 – Bricks Breaker Puzzle

This entry into our compilation of low space games is filled with ultra-satisfying gameplay scenarios. Bricks are arranged in the form of walls, below which are fiery balls that break them. Each brick is assigned a durability level that you need to cross in order to break it.

An element of survival is added by the fact that all the bricks are slowly moving towards the bottom, so make sure to break them all before they touch the ground. The way the balls bounce off the walls and make the bricks disappear in the process is awfully pleasing to watch. This iOS and Android game is easy to understand, free to play and contains endless gameplay for you to dip yourself into.

Download: iOSPlayStore

10 – slither.io

slither.io is a twisted take on the famous snake game that was popularized by yesteryear Nokia phones. Your task is to slither on the black surface and grow as big as possible without exploding. And you can only explode if your snake’s head touches another snake.

Do note that all the snakes on the playing field are real people. It’s shocking how much fun such a simple little game can be. slither.io is also available as a browser game if you wish to jump in it on your laptops and computers. As for smartphones, both the Android and iOS app stores have it waiting for you among all their games that take up little space.

Download: iOSPlayStore

11 – 2048

A number of different developers offer their versions of Threes, but the one made by Ketchapp dubbed 2048 is our favorite. Described by them as a ‘fun and relaxing puzzle game,’ it basically has you swiping to move tiles. And when two of them with the same number touch, they merge into you.

The ultimate goal is to reach the 2048 tile and reach a high score. This critically acclaimed game is known for being extremely addictive in nature. And its simple interface makes it pretty easy to grasp in the first playthrough. It’s a single-player offering that exists on both Android and iOS platforms.

Download: iOSPlayStore

12 – Push Sushi

You are running a sushi restaurant, and are tasked with sending the delicious preparation out onto the tables of your patrons. But there are several obstacles that you need to slide out of your way in order to achieve this.

The game uses the same template used by plenty of other similar games, but it’s noticeable for its small size and its lively visuals. Push Sushi really is one of the best low memory games you can download onto your devices right now. And in case you’re wondering, it’s available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Download: iOSPlayStore

13 – Color Switch

Claimed to be the fastest game in the App Store’s history to reach 50 million downloads, Color Switch was also apparently the number one game in over 150 countries once. We don’t doubt those claims much, knowing how utterly addictive its gameplay is.

You need to tap on the screen to get the ball past obstacles. The challenge is introduced by the fact that the obstacles are only open for you if their color matches that of the ball. The game rewards timing and patience, and newer levels and modes are regularly being added to it by the developers. Color Switch is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Download: iOSPlayStore

14 – Hoppenhelm

Classic arcade-like platforming madness is on offer through Hoppenhelm. It has you controlling Sir Hoppenhelm, who is lost in the dungeon, and must jump, block and slash his way back to safety before the rising lava levels get to him.

The entire mobile game can be played with one hand, since the controls are fairly simple. What’s not simple though is dealing with the treacherous environments and the dangerous enemies that lurk around in them. Hoppenhelm offers randomly generated levels, and also features unlockable characters and weapons to take advantage of.

Download: iOSPlayStore

15 – Flow Free

The pipe connecting mayhem in the next entry to our list of low data games will have you hooked onto it for hours. Flow Free has you connecting matching colors with pipes to create a flow. But if any pipe touches the other, it will break.

The goal then is to pair all colors and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. The game is filled to the brim with hundreds of levels, while there’s even a time trial mode that pits your skills against the clock. Flow Free is a simple low data game that you’d be surprised to find yourself investing so much time into. It’s available on the app stores of both Android and iOS platforms.

Download: iOSPlayStore

16 – Bricks Demolition

Bricks Demolition is a new take on the age-old breakout game concept. This arcade puzzler, however, has been modeled to be striking to the eyes with its spectacular art style. More than 800 levels await you in this addictive game, along with two control modes.

One among those modes has the angle of the ball’s bounce depending upon the point of impact on the racket, while the other has the angle depending on the angle of incidence and the movement of the racket. Bricks Demotion is only available on Android, unfortunately.

Download: PlayStore

Best Low Storage Games: Conclusion

Some honorable mentions in our list of games that don’t take up a lot of storage include Canabalt, Mekorama, 868-HACK, Desert Golfing, Zombie Smasher and Tiny Wings. The next time your phone starts crying for more storage and you need to uninstall the precious games you usually kill time with, do consider the picks from this extensive list. They don’t eat up much of your memory space. Most importantly, they take you back to those good old days of simple, straightforward gameplay that doesn’t demand your razor-sharp focus in spite of being very enjoyable.

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