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15 Story-Driven Adventure Games Like Detroit: Become Human

Creative Games Like Detroit: Become Human

You’ll definitely find quite a few games like Detroit: Become Human if you go looking for them. But you don’t have to since we’ve gathered the best ones together for you in this hefty list of ours.

Quantic Dream’s 2018 offering is a haven for those fond of captivating detective stories that unfold in the form of adventure games. The three-character plot of Detroit: Become Human became an instant hit and further cemented David Cage’s reputation of being among the top adventure game creators in the industry.

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It isn’t a surprise then that Detroit: Become Human happens to be the company’s most successful launch to date, having sold more than 5 million copies, across all platforms. It’s a game that has received praise from critics and players alike and it still continues to attract new gamers.

This list contains 15 similar adventure games that will take no time in getting you hooked to their enthralling adventure gameplay. Let’s take a look at them.

1 – Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

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Beyond: Two Souls falls in the sub-genre of adventure games called interactive drama. This essentially means you make minimal use of your controller as the focus is more on the story and the cinematics. If that doesn’t make it a good Detroit: Become Human alternative, what else does? Oh, and did we mention the fact that it’s developed by the same folks who gave us Detroit: Become Human? The video game stars Elliot Paige and Willem Dafoe and revolves around the idea of a small child making up an imaginary friend that turns out to be very real. Launched originally for the PS3, it’s available now for PC, PS4, and the PS5 via backwards compatibility.

2 – L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

Back in 2011, when L.A. Noire was first released, it was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. Here was this Neo-noir detective thriller that was taking the world by storm with its novel interrogation mechanics that subverted traditional gameplay elements of the genre. L.A. Noire is an open-world game that follows detective Cole Phelps as he solves a range of cases across five divisions in 1940s Los Angeles. The fun lies in its storytelling and presentation, and more importantly, its interrogation elements that ask you to call people’s bluffs by judging their facial expressions. Available on a variety of legacy platforms, it was also released for the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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3 – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is set in the same universe as the hit TV series but follows a completely different set of characters. The story starts with a former professor, now convicted criminal Lee Everett escaping police captivity in the chaos of a sudden zombie outbreak. While looking for a place to hide, he eventually rescues and a young girl named Clementine. This premise sets the stage for exhilarating subsequent adventures that take you on an emotional roller coaster. Telltale Games, the post apocalyptic game’s developer, is known for having reinvented the adventure game genre and this game showcases that whole-heartedly. It was released in episodic form in a set of four seasons that can all be purchased as part of a Definitive Edition now. Apart from consoles and PC, you can also play it on mobile platforms like Android and the iPhone.

4 – Until Dawn

Until Dawn

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Until Dawn is a mystery-solving game sprinkled with plenty of scary moments. Its horror setting involves a group of eight friends who are spending a weekend together in a ski lodge, unaware that they are not alone. One by one, you assume control of each of the eight characters as they search the house for clues that can help solve the mystery. Along the way, each character has to make decisions and the story will progress depending on those. So complex is its narrative style that all playable characters can eventually either survive or die, depending on the choices made. Another exciting aspect about Until Dawn is that it features voice acting and motion capture from Hollywood biggies like Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere? Its excellent interactive drama elements make the game a worthy addition to our list of games similar to Detroit: Become Human. Until Dawn is available for the PS4 and of course, the PS5 via backwards compatibility.

5 – Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is the newest game that falls in the Detroit: Become Human realm somewhat. Fans of the latter title will definitely enjoy its surreal story-line that involves a twin brother and sister revisiting past memories. As a player, it’s astonishing to see how those memories are dissimilar for both of them when seen from each of their points of view. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, Tell Me Why is only available on PC and the Xbox One console. It was released in the form of three episodes, which are all available to purchase together now.

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6 – Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

You have to understand that Heavy Rain is more than ten years old now, so its visuals won’t hold up against modern video games by any means. However, it’s probably the game that set Quantic Dream on a journey that led to the eventual development of Detroit: Become Human. With a non-linear story that’s filled with emotional hooks, the game doesn’t falter at any given moment. Heavy Rain is an interactive drama game like no other. Its story revolves around the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial murderer who uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims. It was released in 2010 and went on to win three BAFTAs the following year. The game is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

7 – State of Mind

State of Mind

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State of Mind was a surprise hit when it released in 2018. It’s a graphic adventure game taking place in Berlin in the year 2048. The Sci-Fi game has been laced with a cyberpunk setting and revolves around Richard Nolan, a journalist who wakes up in a hospital after an explosion, only to find that his family has disappeared. The excellent narrative, which focuses on the impact that AI and technology can have on humans, is what makes State of Mind the captivating game that it is. It is available now for PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

8 – Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

This graphic adventure similar to Detroit: Become Human revolves around an 18-year-old photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time at any moment. This also introduces a butterfly effect element, where every choice you make for her will have different effects on the narrative, constantly reshaping it along the way. Life Is Strange is also known for its fetch quests, environmental changes, and puzzles. It was released back in 2015 in the form of four spectacular episodes and is available now on multiple platforms. In fact, if you’re on the lookout for some free games like Detroit: Become Human, you’ll be pleased to know that its first episode is being offered gratis via Steam.

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9 – The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is one more offering from Telltale Games. It follows a similar format to The Walking Dead, in the sense that it’s an episodic title with your choices in each chapter affecting the story in the next, and ultimately the ending as well. You play Bigby Wolf, who is tasked with investigating a series of mysterious murders in Fabletown, a community within 1980s New York City consisting of characters from fairy tales and folklore. The Wolf Among Us is available in the form of five episodes for multiple platforms. Moreover, Telltale has also announced a sequel that’s slated for release in the near future.

10 – Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

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Hidden Agenda is a unique game. It’s a psychological action-adventure that puts you in the shoes of a homicide detective named Becky Marney and a district attorney named Felicity Graves, both of whom are probing the case of a serial killer known as The Trapper. While you play the game and make choices that ultimately affect the outcome of the story, your friends can also join you using their smartphones, thanks to the PlayStation 4’s PlayLink feature. On their devices, they can vote for a specific decision to be made, thus helping you solve the crimes. There are plenty of thrilling moments packed into this excellent offering, making it one of the best games like Detroit: Become Human available out there.

11 – Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2

This Sci-Fi game tells a completely different story than its predecessor. It revolves around Sean Diaz and his younger brother Daniel, who flee their home in Seattle following the awakening of Daniel’s latent telekinetic abilities that causes him to kill a police officer. The focus is as much on the gameplay as it is on the story that captures the emotional turmoil of the two characters. The release Life Is Strange 2 was preceded by a free game titled The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which acts as an introduction to it, so make sure to play it before you jump into the main game, which itself comes in the form of five episodes.

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12 – Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

Although Indigo Prophecy (called Fahrenheit in North America) was the second game Quantic Dream ever developed, it was the first to put them on the map for success. Released back in 2005, it was launched once again with revamped visuals as Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered in 2016. This game on our lineup of Detroit: Become Human alternatives is known for its intuitive control scheme, spectacular split-screen presentation, branching dialogues and multiple endings, and also its cinematic score. Moreover, it’s also got a mysterious noir narrative at its heart that easily captivates you with its mysterious events. You can play Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered right now on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, and PS4.

13 – Tacoma


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Tacoma is enjoyable due to its unique augmented reality (AR) mechanic. Of course, the game itself isn’t played in AR. What this means is that while aboard a seemingly empty space station in 2088, the player can make use of an AR mechanic that allows them to review actions and conversations of NPCs who were part of the crew in the past. This mechanic can hence be used to help identify clues for proceeding further in the game. Tacoma has got stunning visuals and addictive exploration. After all, it comes from the same folks who gave us the wonderful Gone Home back in 2013. It can be played now on Linux, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.

14 – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

The TV series may have ended on a sour note, but that doesn’t kill the fact that it remains one of the most enthralling and awe-inspiring things we ever saw on TV. If you ever feel like revisiting the lore, you should definitely try this game from Telltale. Like a lot of other games similar to Detroit: Become Human in this list, it also features branching story-lines that change according to the choices you make. Its story revolves around House Forrester, the rulers of Ironrath, and runs parallel to events from the third to the fifth season of the TV show. Familiar characters like Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, and more also make their way into the game. It’s available now in the form of six episodes for multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

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15 – Beyond a Steel Sky

Beyond a Steel Sky

Beyond a Steel Sky is an excellent adventure game in a cyberpunk setting. It’s got humor, thrills, puzzles, a fast-paced narrative, and a dynamic game world all packed into it. The game has several elements that will make any Detroit: Become Human fan feel right at home. Its story thrusts you into the shoes of Robert Foster, who is returning to his futuristic Union City on the hunt for a kidnapped child. Little does he know that the city’s new utopia state is not what it appears to be. Beyond a Steel Sky was launched in June last year for Mac, iOS, and tvOS platforms, while its release for PC and Linux took place in the following month.

Like we had promised as the start, this has turned out to be a pretty comprehensive list of games like Detroit: Being Human. If you’re a fan of the said game, the options we’ve listed above will definitely satiate your need for similar gameplay. Apart from all these games though, we also have a few other titles that we’d like to bring to your attention, perhaps as honorable mentions. These include Minecraft: Story Mode, The Uncertain: Light at the End, Tales from the Borderlands, and Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier.

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