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14 Best PDF Editors for Windows, Mac, iPad and Android 2018

It goes without doubt that there are several PDF editing tools in the market. However, those that are effective and functional are a few. Any person interacting with PDF documents requires the best PDF editors for Windows, Mac, iPad or Android depending on what platform you are using. Such editors should be able to markup texts and add comments; password protect documents by signing or adding encryption, create, fill in PDF files among other features. Wondering which editors are the best around in 2018? Well, here are some of best PDF editors in 2018 you ought to give a try.

Best PDF editor for Windows

  1. PDFelement 6 Pro for Window

pdfelement-6-2 pdfelement-6 PDFelement 6 for Window is particularly designed to give Windows users the best PDF experience like in the windows version. When you log in the software, the first impression should be the familiar “Office” interface; it’s easy-to-use as if you operate on Word Doc. With PDFelement 6 for Window, you can create, convert, edit, annotate and go as far as sharing and securing PDF files. More so, while you edit, the format will not tamper meaning that you can change the font type, style, and size without losing your PDF format. What’s more, you can set spell-check option to avoid some mistake.


You can also add watermarks, backgrounds, headers, and footers to easily identify pages and to give more information.  PDFelement 6 for Window also has a conversion function to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, image and vice versa. Furthermore, the PDFelement 6 allows you to create fillable forms that you can fill fast and easy. You can also split your PDFs and even merge the files. For easy identification of pages, you can also add header, footers and page numbering to PDFs.

This software comes with a free trial version that encompasses basic features only. The standard version costs $59.95.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the gold standard of PDF editors, and it allows you to convert, sign and share PDF documents without breaking a sweat. It has a rich combination of tools for creating, editing and reviewing PDFs coupled with tools to add security features to your PDFs.

Acrobat Pro is necessary for any serious PDF design work. You can create PDF documents with the click of a button from tools like Autodesk, AutoCAD Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Project. The beauty of the professional version is that you can preview, preflight, correct and prepare PDF files for much higher quality print and digital publishing than you could ever with the standard version. You can even insert audio, flash player-compatible video and interactive media for playback in Adobe Reader.

The software also lets you customize PDF portfolios with built-in themes layouts and color schemes.  Users can compare and highlight the differences between two versions of a single PDF document.

Did we mention that with the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, you can create professional forms using built-in templates or even design your own with the Adobe LiveCycle designer? It gets even better as you can enable reader users to digitally sign PDF.

Adobe Acrobat DC goes for a $299 one-time payment or $15 per monthly subscription. It’s not that cheap, right? But it is an excellent PDF tool for businesses.

  1. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is another popular PDF tool that provides cool PDF editing solutions where you can easily modify PDF files in any way from making comments, text editing to advanced PDF editing. With Foxit, you can even manage documents and arrange them according to your preference.

One feature that stands out is the ability to track PDF documents, protect and sign them. It has an encryption function that ensures your files are protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, you can sign PDF files and redact them.

More amazingly, it has a scan, OCR and compressing technology. The OCR function can help you to read and extract data from scanned PDF files.

Other than the advanced features, Foxit is suitable for simpler functions such as the creating PDF forms, splitting and merging PDF and much more. Also, it is ideal for making annotations and also converting PDF documents into formats such as Word, Excel and several image format.

Foxit standard version goes for $109 and comes with a free trial of 14 days.

4. Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is a PDF tool that is amazingly optimized with voice note recognition feature and other PDF functions to salivate for. Now, the voice technology allows you to add notes to your PDF document without having to type anything.

Nuance Power PDF will enable you to edit, annotate, convert PDFs to various formats like Microsoft word and secure your files.  Moreover, you can watermark, blackout and highlight your text in PDF.

This PDF tool comes at a price of $149. However, there is a 30-day free trial to test drive this app before buying it.

  1. Nitro

Nitro is another awesome PDF tool that offers features such as the ability to create PDF, merge PDF pages or split them. You can also use the tool to digitally fill forms and sign your PDFs to secure them. The signing process involves scanning an image of your signature and using it to electronically sign in. The user-friendly interface and high-speed processing capability certainly give Nitro another plus.

Nitro Personal also comes with OCR technology at the cost of $159.99. Again, this OCR feature allows you to convert those files that are scanned and turn them to editable PDF

Best PDF editor for Mac

  1. PDFelement 6 for Mac

PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac is the ultimate PDF solution for professionals and its fast growing in popularity as the best PDF editor around. With this software, you can create PDF files, edit, and convert PDF files to various formats but this is the tip of the iceberg.

One feature that stands out stands in the PDFelement 6 Pro is the OCR technology. Basically, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plugin helps users convert scanned paperwork to editable PDF documents meaning you can turn those old documents into digital formats fast.

You can also do other advanced tasks with PDF forms including filling forms in the same way you would in others common document editing apps. You can also extract form data from your form fields using this tool. The Pro version will even allow you to add security features to your documents including redacting PDFs and adding digital legally binding signatures. But perhaps what’s also marvelous is that you can do batch processing with PDF processing which is excellent when you have many documents on your hands.

PDFelement 6 Pro for Mac costs $99.95 and has it has a trial you can leverage to get a feel for the tool before buying. Also, it has a standard version at $59.95; you can compare the differences between two versions here.

  1. PDF Expert for Mac

PDF Expert has one of the cleanest user interfaces suitable for editing and reading PDF documents. It is a tool that allows you create and edit PDF including annotating text by highlighting and adding notes on your PDFs. You can also fill out forms digitally such as tax forms. It also has customized signatures that enable you to secure your PDF documents.

PDF Expert is one of the best PDF tools in editing PDFs in the realm of resizing, extracting new pages and merging PDFs.

Most of these basic editing functions are found in the free trial version. However, for an all-in-one package, you can purchase the program at $59.99-one license for three Macs.

  1. Preview

Preview is a Built-in-Mac solution that has gained popularity over the years although it is not a fully-fledged editor. It provides excellent PDF editing services such as adding text to PDFs, signing files, highlighting text, annotation and much more.

Preview also aids you to move notes anywhere on the file. Moreover, you can secure your PDFs by creating a signature either by signing your name using your finger for touchpad user or even sign your name on a piece of paper after which you hold it up to the camera.


Best PDF editor for iOS

  1. PDFelement for iOS

If you need a PDF editor that enables you to effectively read, edit, convert and sign PDF documents on an iOS device, then PDFelement for iOS is one of the best solutions out there. This software enables you to edit text in PDFs comfortably on your iPhone or iPad.

The PDFelement for iOS will effectively enable you to comment and collaborate on PDFs. You can also markup your text with highlights, delete some texts, underline some, use free hand to draw and annotate with sticky notes using this software. The tool also has annotation features that allow users to do stuff like adding comments, adding sticky notes, stamps, personalized drawing tools to PDFs.

Moreover, you can convert images into PDF even if you take the image using your phone camera. This will give you a professional looking kind of PDF.  You can still convert PDFs to other formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML and images among others. In addition, you can effectively organize PDF pages and share them via WiFi across different devices.

It is also easy to secure your PDFs by rendering your signature on your documents either electronically or through handwritten signatures. Did we tell you that you can also create and fill in PDF forms?

Now, the product is offering for FREE. Is it cool? Kindly have a trial.

  1. PDF Expert

With limited iOS PDF editing tools in the market, PDF Expert for iOS comes in handy to many iOS fans. PDF Expert is functional in reading, annotating and editing PDF documents. What’s cool is that you can create graphs using this tool perhaps on your iPad.  PDF Expert also enables you to change text and re-position images in PDFs, fill in forms and digitally sign them fast.

PDF Expert for iOS will cost you $9.99.

  1. iAnnotate

This is another PDF editor that is suitable for reading, annotating and sharing PDF files. With iAnnotate, you can add notes on existing PDFs sign agreements, insert stamps and highlight text and much more.

Some of its features that stand out are automatic pencil detection, shape annotations, web markup and enhanced support for OneDrive, iCloud and iCloud backup. It also has an excellent navigation panel that makes it easy to move around.

You can purchase iAnnotate at $9.99


Best PDF editor for Android

1. PDFelement for Android

If you are an Android user, then you can handle PDFs using Wondershare’s PDFelement for Android. This tool has a comprehensive toolset that brings a solution to reading, annotating and managing PDF files on Android devices.

PDFelement for Android does not only gives you an incredible reading experience but also great annotating features. The annotation feature enables you to markup text such as highlighting, underlining and delete texts. Moreover, you can add shapes by using a free hand drawing tool. Furthermore, you can edit text by changing its alignment, size, bold it or italicize it.

PDFelement for Android also comes with an incredible search tool. This means you can run searches quickly to find a particular item in your PDF file. For instance, you want to look at the word “succumb,” just type it in the search box and all the options where the word is found will be shown.

More features include the ability to open hyperlinks in PDF files and easy file management system, that assists you to customize folders. The key point is that the app is totally free.

2. PDF Max

PDF Max is another professional PDF editor that enables you to markup documents using handwriting and highlights. You can also insert texts, fill out forms and sign PDFs for security. Basically, PDF Max allows you to manipulate PDF pages anyhow like rotating them, inserting blanks and PDF links. It is also worth to note that the program has form-filling abilities that support complex form fields. Moreover, it supports voice-notes which can be embedded into the PDF file.

PDF Max is available at for $29.99

3. Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit MobilePDF is a free, easy-to-use PDF reader that doubles up as an editor. It allows you to view, annotate and protect your PDFs. Foxit is unique in that it comes with ConnectedPDF which is a superb technology that powers ‘document intelligence’ when manipulating PDFs.

Foxit MobilePDF is built to safeguard sensitive data. Some of its editing feature includes reflow of PDF, easy renaming, moving, copying and pasting, audio and video playing, filling out forms and sharing them. Moreover, it is optimized with Microsoft Intune that protects corporate data and much more features.