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12 Elden Ring Tips To Help Master The Game

elden ring According to data released by SteamDB, Elden Ring continues to soar in popularity. Ever since it came out, Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm. So far, the game is doing much more than living up to its hype. In its first week, Elden Ring beat the previous highest sales record from the Souls series by 26%.

Elden Ring has garnered much acclaim. This fantasy adventure piques the gamer’s interest from the get-go. And it keeps throwing challenges that require careful maneuvering.

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At first, some of the obstacles in the game may seem insurmountable. But after getting the hang of it, you’ll start enjoying taking on the bad guys. It can be frustrating though especially if you are just getting started. And that is why we put this article together. Here are 14 tips to hack Elden Ring. Are you ready to kick some ass?

1. Sprinting

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If you are going to outsmart the humanoids in this game, sprinting is of the essence. It is a vital skill in the first 10 minutes. And it could be the gateway to your success in this exhilarating quest. Every time you need to move, hold down the dodge button.

This will open up your exploration power. Throughout the game, you will be required to keep jumping. Sprinting helps you build up the momentum to get your jumps right.

2. Upgrading the Flasks

Upgrading your flask provides you with the much-needed lifeline to eliminate your enemies. The Flask of Cerulean Tears and the Flask of Crimson Tide will come in handy. You will obtain these restorative objects when you approach the stranded Grave Yard.

At the beginning of the game, you are awarded 1 charge of the Cerulean Tears flask, and 3 charges of the Crimson Tide. You will restore your FP points or health, after eliminating some enemies. A distinct sound and a red floating mist after destroying an enemy signify a crucial refill to your sacred flask.

In case you get a slight injury on the battlefield, your flask should be full. However, you should first recover and then try to earn extra usage points to restore your full strength. Although resting at the sites of Lost Grace replenishes your flask, taking the risk to destroy an enemy is more advantageous. It fills up your flask and the enemies you eliminate stay down.

3. Eliminating Teardrop Scarabs

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FromSoftware Inc loves to challenge gamers. While making your progress in the Lands Between, you will encounter Scarabs. These creatures are elusive. They will try to escape as soon as you spot them. When it comes to killing these gigantic insects, act fast and decisively.

You will earn 3 charges for your Crimson Tide Flask when you kill a red Teardrop Scarab. Destroying a blue scarab will restore 1 charge of the Cerulean Tears flask. The game awards you sorcery or the coveted Ash of War barrage. This should motivate you to chase the scarabs with gusto and kill them instantly.

4. Swapping Weaponry

Your equipment slots will help you pick the best weapon in your arsenal. You will use these tools to propel your quest in the Lands Between. Find the weapons that you will need, and place them in your first slot. This will allow you to access your most effective weapons during high-pressure moments.

5. Climbing Ladders

At some point in the game, you will need to go up ladders. In other circumstances, you will have to climb down a ladder. If you want to climb faster, hold down the dodge key when going up the ladder. You can also hold down the same key when going down the ladder.

This will allow you to slide down instantly. To disembark from the ladder, double-tap the dodge button. To attack while on the ladder, use R1 for the humanoid above. And R2 for the monster below you.

6. Exploring the World

elden ring screenshot When you start the game, a map will be available for you. If you want to retrieve the complete map, you will have to begin exploring the world. At some point, you will see a glowing map stone. Rush to the location and pick it up.

Nonetheless, you should approach the area with caution because the enemies will be waiting for you. For this reason, prepare to fight ferociously for the fragment.

7. Loot Sense

Sometimes, the enemy will attack faster and unexpectedly. If you stop advancing to look for your piece of loot, you could get killed in the process. Fortunately, there is an animation that will alert you when the loot is about to drop.

When you are killing an enemy, you want to look at some type of light that flashes out of their body. It is an indication that something good is coming your way, so don’t give up.

8. Combat Tricks

You will need the best combat skills throughout the game. Most of the weapons at your disposal have a special ability. Without knowing this, you will not utilize them well. You may not meet the statistics requirement for particular weapons.

In such circumstances, try two hands. This will boost your stats to use the weapon in mind.

9. Using Blunt Weapons

You will need to two-hand your weapon for a heavy attack. When facing an armored enemy, use a blunt-style weapon. It will allow you to land a more powerful strike and destroy your opponent. Keep investing in different types of weapons throughout the game.

10. Attacking Effectively

To attack your enemies effectively, sneak behind them and backstab them. Dodge low sweeping attacks by jumping. It is a technique that will keep you out of reach of the enemy. You can also hit the dodge button and direct your thumbstick in a different direction. It is a maneuver that allows you to dodge your enemy sideways.

11. Defeating Shielded Enemies

When you encounter a shielded enemy, revert back to the unarmed state. This will allow you to kick your enemy. After landing a kick disorienting your enemy, swap quickly to your main hand weapon and stab your enemy. Doing it right will finish off the bad guy.

12. Mastering Combat

Like in most other combat games, you will be an easy target for your enemies at first. However, you can gradually change this as you progress. The best approach is to practice some of your moves on weaker enemies. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn vital skills such as blocking and dodging. After gaining experience, you will be ready to face the fiercest enemies in battle.

As you progress in the game, you are free to buy Elden ring items that can boost your survival rate. Having a variety of tools at your disposal will make the game more enjoyable. Some of the equipment that is worth purchasing include the Dragon grease, Bone dart, Crystal dart, Fire grease, and so on.

There is plenty of trickery that can help you outsmart your enemy in Elden Ring. However, you will not benefit from advanced skills if you don’t know the basics. You don’t have to master all the tips at once. Focus on one or two moves at a time and perfect them and move on from there. And don’t forget, practice makes perfect.