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10 Years of iPhone: Does it Still Provide the Best Gaming Experience?

iPhone X Main When Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007, it did not have video recording, GPS, or any third party apps. However, by making it touchscreen and giving it computer-like abilities they created something that had not been seen before, and this had a huge impact on the smartphone market.

GPS, Video recording, and the opening of the App Store were innovations that came with the next couple of versions, but it was the iPhone 4 that made the next big step forward. It was sleeker and had a more modern design, had a hugely increased pixel count, and was the first smartphone with a front-facing camera.

The iPhone 5, 6 and 7 all made improvements such as a lighter case, a significant upgrade to the camera, and even more pixels for the screen, as well as many technological advances.

Then 10 years after the launch of the first iPhone, in 2017, there came the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

The Changes Made Possible By The iPhone

iPhone X Animoji

iPhone, as one of the first smartphones, has changed our lives more than we ever thought they would. Now you can do anything you want while on the move, any time of day or night, every day of the week. You can do your shopping, carry out bank transactions, play in a live casino, and chat with friends on social media. It is not just that you can do these things, with the iPhone X it’s easier than ever.

It’s also more ready to take on new developments in gaming, for example augmented reality, virtual reality and live streaming. In addition to watching games, live streaming is increasingly used to play games too. iGaming providers such as Mr Green offer live casino options such as roulette and blackjack, where you use your iPhone to connect to a casino floor from which real-life dealers deal your cards and spin the roulette wheel.

What Is The Future Of iPhones?

Of course, no one but Apple knows what they have planned for this years iPhone models, we can only speculate. It is predicted they will increase the battery capacity slightly, but you may not feel the benefit of that if they introduce a larger, more power hungry screen. It’s expected they will keep the familiar iPhone shape, with a front button to support fingerprint scanning for those who want to use it.

The iPhone X uses face recognition for security, and this could be built into new versions of other models, such as the iPhone SE. It’s thought all models will have the glass back and wireless charging, just as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X has.

This is all guesswork though. There are technical things that will be adjusted that customers will not even be aware of, they will just know the iPhone reacts and loads faster than the previous model they had, and is easier to use.

Almost without exception, each year’s new models of the iPhone have had some new innovation that has kept this most profitable part of Apple at the forefront of the smartphone industry. There is no reason to think 2018 will be any different, and some people are waiting with baited breathe for its release.