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10 Things That One Should Know Before Starting The First Blog

blog As much as the details and reports say, the idea, the mindset and the hindsight is what is considered as the most important thing for a blogger. However, no one learns about it in a single day. Even for experts who have a lot of experience and for new starters, the point holds. The experience is the real key that will set one up as a blogger in the future. So learning from the experience of the veteran ones is really the best idea. For the absolute beginners who are trying out blogging for the very first time, the key is to find the balance and work according to the plan that needs to be made beforehand.

A first-time blogger may have a lot of questions. “What steps should I take, what needs to be done, how I will write, how to create my own free blog site, how to monetize my blog” and so on. It is perfectly normal to be confused. However, knowing the way of progressing with blogging is also important. Therefore, here are 10 things listed that every blogger will wish that they knew it before even starting their first blog.

1. Lack of ideas is never going to be a problem

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The very first thing that one can know about before starting a blog is that they need not worry about getting out of ideas. The reason behind this is very simple: a blogger will never get out of ideas to write about. Initially, it may seem like it is impossible. It will feel like there is an end to this road. But in reality, it is not. A lot of things are happening every day and every now and then some events are coming up that are compelled to push the human mind to think about them and gather ideas from them. This happens naturally with time so young bloggers need not worry about this at all.

2. Experience is not at all mandatory

For those blogging for the first time can relax at the fact that experience is essential, but it is not mandatory to produce a good blog. However, skills are really important, and one needs to have them. Blogging is not simply just writing and editing stuff. One has to actually experience the real life scenario of what they are writing about. If one is narrating an event, then the scenario, conditions, state and outcomes all have to be clearly known to the blogger. Slowly and steadily, they will get the idea as to what to write about and what not to. The skill set is required to understand what the majority of people will like and how to attract them. That is the key to successful blogging.

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3. Design is important

The design is very important for the final presentation of the blog. The first impression for the visitor is important, so this is a necessary point that needs to be followed. The final presentation of the blog, especially the feel and the look of the blog is what will decide how it will influence the visitors. Therefore, the design needs to be attractive and something that will initiate reading automatically. An attractive blog template, accompanied by easy categorization and proper tags can be a good start. A theme that highlights the contents of the blog will surely grab more attention.

4. Being Specific

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The content is the most important part of the blog, but the way the related information about that content is provided can really determine the audience the blog is going to attract. The topic needs to be clear in the head of the blogger. After that, proper research on that topic and whatever is directly associated with it needs to be present on the blog. However, it should not be presented like plain information after information. Most people do not have the patience to read long things. So, in order to keep the interest intact, the content needs to be presented specifically, in a story like a manner and in as clear language as possible.

5. Using Good Images

Another thing that the young bloggers need to keep in mind is that the particular topic on which they are blogging is never going to be unique. It will never happen. There will be similarity, however large or small, and even in some cases, the topic will be exactly the same. On blogs with the same topics, one needs to stand out with a variety of content. To do that, guest blog posts, interviews, and images can play a really good part. The presence of high-quality images makes a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers, and the idea of quality content with good images will make the blog seem like a professional type, which is sure to stand out, even for a beginner blogger.

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6. Planning for the Long Term

The content of the blog should be presented in such a manner that it is not only relevant to a current situation, but such that it stays relevant for a long time as well. With the topic staying relevant, the content will be SEO optimized. This means that the particular blog is likely to get a higher rank in the search results. One can always stay updated as what are the basic rules of attracting more traffic by optimizing the SEO, for example, like using relevant keywords.

7. Staying Socially active

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Social media is not the only place that a blogger needs to be active in. For starters, a page in the social media where it can be easily shared and can be communicated with a large audience is a good approach. Other than that, keeping a newsletter is a very good idea. This will ensure that the audience gets actively engaged. The e-mail service can be tactfully used to let the followers know about when a new blog is up. The intro should definitely be kept good. The latest trends need to be followed and the taste of the general viewers has to be understood. After that, taking steps to do just so will ensure that the interaction with the audience will go up. The main aim is to make sure that the presence of the blog can be felt as much as possible in social media.

8. Patience and Consistency

Initially, it may be hard to gather the attention of a large number of readers. One should keep in mind that with repetitive publishing of quality content, the attention will divert to it surely, sooner or later. So, one just need to have enough patience and keep on producing quality blogs.

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9. Ignoring the critics

No matter what, a certain section will always be there to criticize only. The key is to use that to the advantage. One should take note of the criticism and see which part is constructive about it and where it can be improved. The rest of the meaningless criticism should be discarded completely and ignored.

10. The blogging community is huge

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The community of bloggers is always present online. One can join them and communicate with other bloggers for ideas, help, and support. One can even get ideas and share feedback. After all, the own community is the biggest support base a blogger can get.


The experience will only increase with time and continuous blogging, and as for the skill set needed to make a successful blog, one needs to acquire them with practicing. With Patience, consistency, skills and most importantly confidence, a blogger will be sure to be successful in the future, if not initially. So, one can just relax, let off a little bit of steam, keep these things in mind and start working for their first blog with ease.

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