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$10 per month only on T-Mobile @Home Phone service

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T-Mobile USA, Inc. has announced something that will make the land-line users happy. For a change it is not the mobile phones! T-Mobile has planned to launch the T-Mobile @Home service where in users can make unlimited nationwide calls for just $10 per month (including taxes and fees).

Users will be able to avail the @Home phone service from July 2, 2008 without worrying about the high phone bills that burnt a big hole in their pockets. “For years, the traditional landline companies have been great at consistently delivering one thing to their customers — a high monthly bill,” said Robert Dotson, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA. “T-Mobile is now delivering the best priced home phone service in America for our existing and future customers. In addition, we are not only delivering the traditional features of a landline service, we are also including the innovative features consumers love in their more widely used mobile phones.”

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The Scarborough Research in 2007 estimated that the American families spend $65 on average every month. So $10 per month is a much better service! And that too the service comes with many added offers like the one in which users can add T-Mobile @Home service to a qualifying T-Mobile wireless plan and avail unlimited nationwide long-distance calling, plus call waiting, caller ID, three-way conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding and other. Also, customers can enjoy features mostly meant for mobile phone services right in their home phones like, CallerTunes(TM) (ringback tones). Users can also keep the same old landline number (port) in their new home phones for the convenience of their family and friends.

The trials of T-Mobile @Home have proved to be successful in Dallas and Seattle, the two markets it was available in for testing. It is great money saver service that families who used it approve of as almost 97 percent of the customers using the @Home services were reported to have ditched their landlines after using the T-mobiles service.

To switch to @Home, all that the customers require the touch-tone corded or cordless phone they are using, and an existing broadband Internet connection, and the T-Mobile @Home HiPort(TM) Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection, available from T-Mobile for just $49.99 with a two-year service agreement.

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“Unlike VoIP, no special phone is required, allowing the family’s center of communications to stay in the kitchen,” Dotson added. T-Mobile @Home is user friendly requiring just a few minutes to install.

The service is available exclusively for T-Mobile users at T-Mobile retail stores across the whole country and online at www.t-mobile.com.

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