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10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions For Business Owners

google-chrome When someone owns a business, they have many things to consider. One is what tools and apps to use. When it comes to Google Chrome extensions, there are a lot of options out there.

While it is possible to check out Technology Evaluation Centers to learn more about the available extensions, there are other factors to consider. Keep reading to learn what some of the top options are here.

  1. LastPass

The LastPass extension is one that can be used for free or that a person can pay a yearly fee for to unlock additional features. With this extension, it is possible to manage all passwords in a single location and create and track any unique passwords created for each website.

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  1. Pocket

When someone encounters an article they want to read but don’t have the time to do right then, the Pocket extension can save it for a later date. When someone has free time, they can access the extension and read it.

  1. OneTab

While a corny “Lord of the Rings” reference could be made here, it isn’t needed. The fact is, the OneTab extension is useful for entrepreneurs who find they have an ever-increasing list of open tabs. In some cases, so many tabs may be open that the computer slows down. With OneTab, this can be remedied, and extensive tabs are no longer an issue.

  1. Session Buddy

In some situations, pushing all open tabs to a single tab won’t be enough. If a list of tabs needs to be saved for later, or if someone is concerned about losing all the tabs in their session, Session Buddy can be used. Just as the name implies, it is possible to save all windows open for the current session and then re-open saved sessions with just a few clicks.

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  1. Grammarly

Regardless of whether a person likes to think about it, running any business will involve writing. It is essential to make sure the spelling and grammar used are perfect. This is where Grammarly comes in. It is more powerful than the default spell and grammar checkers out there and worth the investment.

  1. RescueTime

For many people, it seems like the hours go by without even knowing what happened. Between time spent on YouTube and Facebook, many people are wasting a lot of time. With RescueTime, it is possible to track the time a person spends online and then receives a report each week. With this information, it is possible to see where to cut back on certain sites.

  1. Honey

When it comes to making online purchases, saving money is a top priority. This is something that Honey will help with by finding any available coupons and discounts available.

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  1. Google Docs Offline

For some people, time without an internet connection is the most productive. When this is the case, using tools like Google Docs offline can be invaluable. Try this to see what it offers.

  1. CrankWheel

When trying to work with a remote team member or client, it may be necessary to share the screen and to talk about what is going on. CrankWheel is an extension that not only makes this possible but that makes it easy.

  1. Google Keep

When it comes to finding notes and ideas for later, Google Keep is a go-to option. In the past, Evernote was the go-to option but, today, Google Keep is smart.

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