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10 Main Mistakes In Mobile App Design

app-design There are a lot of people who do not even realize that they are using some apps that work really well. For example, have you ever heard people gushing about how great Gmail is whenever they try to use it? Gmail is an app that you can have on your smartphone that is highly convenient and easy to use.

What about the bad apps that you have used? Can you remember most of them? Most people will remember some of the apps that you did not enjoy using. If you would be asked to list down a few, will you be able to do it? You do not want your own app to be remembered by people because they thought that it was not good enough. You need to be familiar with some of the mobile app design mistakes that you should avoid. The more that you know, the more that you can reduce the mobile app design cost.

1 – Not thinking about the “thumb.”

One thing that you should realize whenever you use apps is that you will use your thumb every time. Think about this when you are designing your app. You need to make it easy for your thumb to access the different buttons of the app.

There are some apps that tend to ignore the use of the thumb. This had made it harder for people to try accessing different apps. You need to remember that the screen sizes of phones have become bigger. The thumb has to make it easier for people to navigate the app that you are using.

2 – The aesthetics are inconsistent.

You may want to incorporate different colors when you are creating your app. There is nothing wrong with this but when people find your app inconsistent, they may not like it as much as you have expected them to.

The more consistent the design of your app is, the better that people will be able to distinguish your own app from all the others that are available. If you would like to make some changes with the design, remember that the design should be from heavy to light.

3 – Not creating an app walkthrough that users can check.

Some app makers assume that since they can use their own app, other people would be able to use the app the same way. You can give an option wherein people can check the walkthrough. They can learn how functional the app is going to be for them. The more that you can educate your users about what your app can do, the more that they can appreciate your mobile app.

4 – Your walkthrough is not engaging.

People will like it a lot when they know how they can use your app to your advantage. They would love to see your walkthrough but what if they do not enjoy your explanation? Users may not be interested to continue using their app. One tip is to make the walkthrough more visually appealing by using images and moving graphics. Remember to not make the walkthrough mandatory as there are some people who are already happily trying to learn more about the app on their own.

5 – Placing too much information on one page.

There are some people who may find it hard to process all of the details that you will place on your page. If there is too much information on one page, it will be enough to make people feel that they are being overloaded. If people are finding it difficult to stay on your app, this is a sign that they may be leaving your app for good when they get the chance.

Some people will be able to remember all of the things that you would place on the page of your app. Some people will be able to grasp various details that you will place there but if other people would find your app hard to understand, you can expect that they will not like your app as much as you want them to.

6 – Creating an app that is the exact clone of another competitor’s app.

There is no point in trying to create an app that is exactly the same as another competitor’s app. It will make you seem like a trying hard copycat which is not something that you want. People will probably laugh at your app and find it amusing for some time but it will not be enough to make them stay and use your app for a long time.

You need to create an app that will showcase your own company. Create something that will reflect your brand’s mission and its values. The more unique your app is, the more that people will try to pay attention to it.

7 – Your app is offering too many features.

It is okay if you would like to create an app that will cater to the needs of your users but what if you are offering too many features? It can be enough to make your users feel very confused. A lot of users would uninstall apps when they see that there are so many things that are being offered. Identify what the main features are going to be and highlight these features when you create the walkthrough for your app.

8 – Not having visual clues available for users.

You can have some images available all over your app that will make it easier for your users to understand what they should do next. Sometimes, plain text can be fine but there are also instances when users will appreciate it if you would use some visuals to explain the things that they should do next.

9 – Not testing your app before its release.

No matter what people may say, you always need to test your app before you would release it to the public. You may believe that the UX design tools that you have used are effective in making your app work properly but you will never know for sure unless you do some testing. The last thing that you want to happen is for your app to fail while you are launching it.

10 – No interactive elements are available.

No matter what type of app you want to produce, you always need to place some interactive elements that will be appreciated by your users. People will like the fact that the app seems to be communicating with them. They would feel that their needs are being met through the interactions that your app tries to provide.

There are a lot of opportunities that are available for you to have a mobile app design that will be appreciated by different users. Think about the things that are mentioned above so that you can avoid potential mistakes.