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10 Best simulation games you can play on Android

Android Simulation games are a hot commodity – they let you simulate things you couldn’t (or could but prefer to do on a screen instead) do in real life. But what are the best simulation games for Android? Which games let you experience the things that we’ve all secretly wanted to be (like a Japanese school girl)? This list goes over the top 10 Android simulation games for your simulation pleasure. Wait. That’s not exactly what we meant.

On with the list!

InstLife InstLife

InstLife is a kind of text-based, random-event life simulation that can be quite addicting. As you tap the “Age” button to progress a year, random situations may occur – being offered drugs, meeting a lover, your house catching fire, etc. You can choose to enroll in college and get a high-paying career, or be a broke starving musician, it’s entirely up to you how you’ll live your life – but the random events are what make it fun.

When your character finally dies, you’ll be presented with an obituary detailing all of your life achievements (and shames).

Idle Miner Tycoon

idle-miner-tycoonThis is part mining-simulation, part idle game. You manage how the mine operates, from how hard the miners dig, to amount the elevators carry, and other funding-related options.

Because it’s an “idle” game, you don’t have to be actually playing the game for your mine to continue operating. Also is it just me, or do the character graphics look a lot like Fallout Shelter?

Choices: Stories You Play

choices-fantasyA series of “choose your own adventure” style stories where you make choices to continue the storylines.

There are numerous genres to choose from, such as horror, romance, medieval fantasy, and the stories are quite well crafted – the development team formerly worked for EA, also creating episodic content for them.

The Sims Mobile

sims-mobileIt’s The Sims! On mobile! What more is there to know? Create your Sim(s), build their home, meet other Sims, throw parties… well actually, it’s quite different from the PC version of The Sims. For one, your Sims don’t have any needs in The Sims Mobile – they don’t need to eat, use the bathroom, or watch TV for hours on end to fill up their “Fun” meter.

Also there’s no swimming pools to drown them in. It’s The Sims Lite, in a nutshell. It’s The Sims with $100 in-app purchases. Woohoo!

Dragon Mania Legends

dragon-mania-legends This simulation game is for anyone who has ever wanted to own a pet dragon – which is almost everyone. There’s a huge variety of cute little dragons to collect throughout gameplay, and there’s a pet arena battle mode. So it’s like part Tamagotchi, part Pokémon.

It’s a bit of an “idle” game too, since there’s waiting involved for certain things – building breeding dens, hatching eggs, food for your dragons from the food farm, clearing tiles from the game map, etc. Of course, as always with mobile games, you can skip the waiting times for IAP gems.

Turbo Dismount


It’s a stunt crash simulator! Basically you choose your vehicle, obstacles, your riding position (for your dummy character on the vehicle), your driving speed, and your path. It’s a sequel to the popular stickman game Stickman Dismounting.

Then you sit back and watch the destruction unfold as epic collisions send vehicles flying through the air and your poor dummy character ragdolls around with his limbs flying in all directions.


dokdoDokdo is a “ship simulator” that allows you to totally upgrade and customize your ship how you want, and just muck around the ocean getting into ship battles, taking over islands, and hoarding resources.

You need gold coins to upgrade your ship, of course, which comes from fishing, fighting sea monsters, or making IAPs. If your ship is destroyed, you just build a new one – and of course, the game tries to sink your ship at every opportunity, throwing giant octopuses in your way.

Cooking Chef

cooking-chefWant to be the greatest chef in the world, fulfilling customer orders as quickly as you can tap ingredients? Sure you do! Cooking Chef is just that – people will come up to your service window, demand bizarre combinations of food and ingredients, then get annoyed when your fingers don’t fly at the speed of lightning to serve them. It’s just like being a grill cook in real life!

Um, excuse me, why did you serve that other customer his small coke and French fries before my double-decker well-done beef burger with 5 kinds of cheese?”. If anything, this game will give you a bleeding heart for people in the food industry.

Block Craft 3D

block-craft-3dSo there are a literal ton of Minecraft clones for Android – it’s a genre that probably deserves its own genre section.

But of all the Minecraft clones, Block Craft 3D does something unique – it allows you to share or download other user’s creation blueprints, so you can create almost literally anything. So if you’ve ever wanted to spend a couple hours putting a voxel-based Eiffel Tower next to a flying pirate ship, then let other people on the internet visit your creations, Block Craft 3D is the game for you.

School Girls Simulator

school girl simulator

Why is this game on this list? Because it has 5 stars on Google Play, proving there are a lot of people on the internet who, for some reason, want to be Japanese schoolgirls! Yes. This is a simulation game about being a Japanese schoolgirl. Go to class! Go swimming! Fall in love! Shoot zombies in the face with shotguns, assault rifles, or hack them to death with katanas! …wait what? That’s a thing in this game?

Of course it’s a thing in this game! What Japanese school girl simulation would be complete without zombie invasions (and if zombies are your thing, be sure to check out Zombs Royale too, because Battle Royale + zombies = awesome)? Oh, and its VR compatible too. What are you waiting for? Be a kawaii ^_^ schoolgirl today!

In Conclusion

This list was compiled based on ratings – so there could be something far better we missed, and you’ll find it by searching through the Google Play Store simulation category.