10 Security Tips Every Signal User Should Know

3Hide notification content

iOS Notification Preview

All the privacy of an instant messaging app is of no use if someone near you reads the messages you receive while you’re just glancing at your notifications. Such situations usually arise when you’re unaware since it’s a natural habit to glance at your notifications after you pick up your iPhone.

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While your Apple device already has the ability to hide notifications from the lock screen, Signal also gives you that option to do that from its own end. So there are two ways you can actually take care of this privacy issue.

The first way is through your iDevice’s Settings menu. You can tap on Notifications and scroll down till you find the Signal app. Here, in the Show Previews section, you need to select Never. You can also select When Unlocked for the notification content to only be visible if your device is unlocked.

Signal gives you more granular control on notification content though. When you’re within the app, you can tap your profile, then Notifications, then Show and this is where you can select whether you want the app to display the name, content, and actions for an incoming text, or just the name, or nothing at all. You can also mute notifications for a specific conversation for a set amount of time.

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