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10 Best iPad Games 2011

10 Best iPad Games

As we started conjuring up this list of the 10 best iPad games 2011, a flashback twinkled in our minds and took us back to 2010. The tablet revolution had just heralded upon us with the iPad and games were the least bit of things we were wound up about. But as it turned out, the device’s HD capabilities resulted in developers churning out some incredibly awesome games which have sort of made the iPad their home. And today, the tablet is seen by many as nothing less than a plausible gaming platform capable of garnering huge sums of dough. Here, we present to you, our listing of the choicest iPad games of 2011 that you can download on your devices for non-stop delight.

Fruit Ninja HD 1 – Fruit Ninja HD: Who would’ve thought that slashing tossed fruits could be so much fun. You see, that’s the beauty about casual games – the fact that they can be based on such whimsical concepts, but still manage to draw up hours of playtimes. Fruit Ninja HD is one such game, among countless more. This re-mastered version of the popular smartphone title easily strikes a chord with tablet users. And chopping the good old fruits on the iPad’s larger screen is a whole new experience altogether.

Paper Toss World Tour HD 2 – Paper Toss World Tour HD: Sure, we all get a whack out of throwing paper balls into dust bins. Paper Toss World Tour HD takes the experience up a notch my letting you do that all over the world. With real outdoor winds and new sounds and animations, this game really does stand true to its App Store description which claims it to have a potential to make you ‘lose your real job.’

Real Racing 2 HD 3 – Real Racing 2 HD: This title is an essential for racing game fans. It brings to the iPad, breathtakingly brilliant visuals and makes excellent use of the tablet’s accelerometer. And to add to it, there’s a speedy frame rate to immerse you further into the races. Moreover, when you’re done playing the amazing career mode, you dive into the multiplayer matches which offer support to up to 16 players.

Dead Space 4 – Dead Space: Shooting games are not at all fun to play on tablets if they aren’t designed well. The folks who’ve made Dead Space seem to have taken thorough notice of this fact. This 3D action game is utterly immersive with its horror visuals. Its futuristic looks are more often than not reminiscent of mainstream console games and it is this fact that makes you want to delve into it for hours on a trot.

Angry Birds Rio HD 5 – Angry Birds Rio HD: We cannot leave out the birds, can we? Rovio’s incredible franchise has provided us with countless hours of fun ever since it burst onto the scene in 2010. Angry Birds Rio HD is definitely worth a shot even if you’ve played the non-HD version. The big screen of the iPad makes for an excellent interface and once you zoom out, there’s no need to keep sliding the screen from left to right which is such a hassle on smaller devices. Angry Birds definitively deserve to be on everyone’s iPad games list.

Doodle Jump 6 – Doodle Jump: The iPad version of this incredibly popular game provides you with a larger view of the world. This strangely addictive game even has a multiplayer mode apart from various other iPad only features. The simple yet excellent artworks in this game render themselves beautifully on the tablet. It has earned for itself, a pop phenomenon status having found mentions in TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Infinity Blade 7 – Infinity Blade: This addition to our best iPad games 2011 roster has spectacular graphics written all over it. Ever heard of the Unreal Engine? Well, it’s the same technology used to make high profile titles like Gears of War and Mass Effect 2. This game is sword wielding at its very best and it also kicks in some RPG elements. At $5.99, it’d be more than appropriate to say that Infinity Blade can give some console games a run for their money.

Cut the Rope HD 8 – Cut the Rope HD: This eighth game in our list of 10 Best iPad Games is ‘cuteness’ at its very best. Your aim is to feed candy to this adorable creature named Om Nom by solving puzzles and of course, cutting ropes. The colorful nature of its graphics makes Cut the Rope HD all the more playable on the iPad. To say the least, this game is a must have for physics-based puzzler fans.

Mirror’s Edge 9 – Mirror’s Edge: The much appreciated console game gets its iOS counterpart and it has been adorned with an all new split screen head to head mode. Apart from the occasional first person sequences, the game involves non-stop parkour-style jumps and wall runs. It is available only for the iPad and renders itself impressively on the tablet.

Tiny Wings 10 – Tiny Wings: It’s not a birds fault if it is born with small wings, is it? Tiny Wings chronicles the plight of one such avian who has to move through a series of hills to fulfill his dream of flying. The game makes use of minimalistic controls and packs in hours of play time. Brilliant artworks are a strong point of this title which claims to offer different looks every day you play it. It has everything you can ask for from a $0.99 game.

That does it! The taxing job of finding you the ten best iPad games 2011 from a pool of outstanding ones is finally over. The task was particularly difficult given the fact that so many games were jumping to catch our attention. Make sure you try them out if you own an iPad and get back to us with your views.