Apple iPhone X

Apple denies Chinese spy chip story, demands retraction from Bloomberg

There’s a big battle brewing between Apple and Bloomberg ever since the latter published a damning report about the former. Apple CEO Tim Cook...
Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S10 may shift camera under screen for truly bezel-less display

Notches have taken over the iPhone and Android world, but Samsung has been stubbornly resisting the trend ever since it sprang up. In great...
OnePlus 6T Midnight Black

OnePlus 6T launch moved to October 29 thanks to Apple

Apple stole OnePlus’ thunder yesterday by announcing an iPad event on the same day as the OnePlus 6T launch. What’s worse, both events are...

Top GameCube Emulator available on the market

Nintendo released its revolutionary console, GameCube, in 2001. It was one of a kind using optic discs for storing game data. The console also...
WhatsApp Icon

WhatsApp’s new Vacation, Silent modes will banish annoying chats

WhatsApp has a couple of new features up its sleeve for its Android, Windows, and iPhone apps. Two of them impact how notifications work,...