Buffalo AirStation High Power N150 router offers extended range

5:20 pm

Buffalo AirStation N150 Router Being unable to latch onto wireless access in dead zones particularly when some important task drops anchor quite a lot unsettles users. Fortunately, the new Buffalo AirStation High Power N150 router and access point sidesteps such unfortunate episodes by ensuring extended range and performance.

The new entry-level wired and wireless WCR-HP-GN combines high power 5dBi antenna and the company’s high performance technology for an easy, hassle-free install. By taking advantage of Wireless Distribution System and Buffalo’s AirStation One-Touch Secure System, users can experience enhanced speed and security.

“Buffalo has always delivered high quality, high performing wireless solutions that consumers have come to rely on,” shared Susumu Kobayashi, Country Head, Buffalo India. “Designed to provide wireless access even in dead zones on any home or office network, the WCR-HP-GN offers extended range, network expansion opportunities and comes equipped with robust protection features.”

There’s also push-button set-up which allows users to get connected to their Internet quickly. Some other important features comprise removable and adjustable antenna, support for multiple wireless network technologies, and support for wireless security.

Backed by a limited two-year warranty, the new Buffalo AirStation High Power N150 router is available now for Rs. 1,600.


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