Netgear N600 Wireless Adapter offers connectivity to Panasonic Viera

Netgear N600 Wireless Adapter offers connectivity to Panasonic Viera

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Netgear N600 USB Adapter Entertainment aficionados who have been constantly hunting for more than just DVD discs in order to enjoy huge titles and popular releases may now ease off. Panasonic has recently announced Netgear as its third-party brand to support the Viera line of TVs. Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter will enable Viera users to access and stream online content, thereby rendering an enhanced multimedia experience.
This stylish wireless adapter delivers faster speeds and stronger range while minimizing interferences. Users can now simply set up the device by Smart Wizard CD with its graphical installation guide. Its implausible speed and Wi-Fi range for users’ home networks enable them to browse through the web with a sense of expedition.
“The Netgear and Panasonic partnership enables consumers to easily connect their home entertainment devices and access their favorite online content right from their living rooms through the TV. Netgear’s Wireless Dual Band USB Adapters deliver the speed and reliability needed for video streaming. This coupled with Panasonic’s undisputed leadership and innovation in the HDTV market, makes it possible for any consumer to have an exceptional entertainment experience in the home,” shared David Henry, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Home Products, Netgear.

The N600 features Push ‘N’ Connect technology which allows users to begin online streaming with just a push of a button. This technology connects Panasonic Viera TV and wireless router as well as stream Internet content wirelessly to the TV with the Viera Cast IPTV technology. An easy-to-use to web interface, integrated into the TV, can be used to dote on online content with Viera Cast which does not require any setup.

“As the line between the TV and the PC continues to blur, we’re seeing a steep uptick in the number of consumers that are connecting their TVs to the Internet in order to create a more immersive entertainment experience in the home. We are dedicated to delivering the best entertainment experience possible and the Netgear adapter technology enables us to do just that with our Panasonic Viera televisions and the Viera Cast IPTV technology,” commented Henry Hauser, Vice President, Display Group, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.

The recently unleashed offering from Panasonic and Netgear now allows entertainment enthusiasts to watch their favorite videos and movies. The web programming includes Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Picasa photo sharing service, and other programs from Viera Cast like weather forecast. A cinematic experience can be enjoyed at home with this service.

The Netgear N600 Dual Band Wireless Adapter is now available for $79.99 for Panasonic television models across the world.


  1. The Netgear N600 wireless adapter is also called WNDA3100. However, there are two versions of this adapter: WNDA3100v1 and WNDA3100v2. Not sure if this will affect compatability. Hope it doesn’t. I have the WNDA3100v2; I’ll try to connect the TV to my router soon!

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