enables Windows 7 PCs to host Wi-Fi enables Windows 7 PCs to host Wi-Fi

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Connectify Beta

Is trying to teach PC owners a lesson in sharing and caring? Computers running on Windows 7 and having Wi-Fi connectivity can now host Wi-Fi hotspots with Connectify Beta in a few simple steps.

Owners will now be able to convert their PCs into software- enabled wireless routers and share their internet connection with others. Any Wi-Fi capable mobile device can be connected to the wireless network’s hotspot. The program operates with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 r2 in 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

Users wishing to convert their internet connection hotspot must first click on the Connectify radio wave icon that appears in the Notification Tray besides the system clock. The Internet Sharing button should be clicked on after selecting the internet connection that is going to be shared, naming the network, and choosing a wireless passphrase.

Devices may be connected to the network by entering the passphrase. Additionally, users are given the choice of running the Connectify hotspot as well as joining another Wi-Fi network on a single Wi-Fi card. The network’s security is protected by WPA2-Personal AES encryption. Connectify exists as a genuine Wi-Fi Access Point that can be set up effortlessly.

People running Windows 7 on their PCs may sign up for Connectify Beta at the official site. They will receive a download link for the software via e-mail. Whether users are allowed to share their internet connection or not depends on their respective service provider’s terms of service.


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