NoodleNet Software, a Safe Online Environment for Children launched by NoodleNet

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NoodleNet Logo

NoodleNet, the creator of parental tools for families to browse the Internet has just launched a new computer program called NoodleNet, which serves the very same purpose.

NoodleNet has been designed to create a safe, fun and engaging online environment for children aged from 3 to 11 years.

This computer program delivers a secure gated community with simple controls for parents. It also delivers age-appropriate content pre-loaded for instant access to screened games, books, videos, puzzles and other online activities.

According to Michael Callahan, president of NoodleNet, “The relevancy today of both parental involvement and the need for a safe online environment has never been more evident.”

With NoodleNet, children will be unable to get out of the safe environment and others will also be unable to get in. It’s very much like a virtual gated community.

Besides, NoodleNet has robust yet very user-control parental controls. This software can also be customized to quickly add access to children’s favorite Web sites, games and programs already present on the PC.

The NoodleNet software can be purchased, downloaded, and installed in a matter of a few minutes. This software is currently available on an annual subscription basis with upfront as well as monthly payment options.

For a free one week trial, parents and others who wish to download the program can do so by visiting

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