Facebook Connect for Facebook on iPhone/iPod Touch

3:36 pm

Game in Facebook App

Facebook Connect, the extension of the Facebook platform has been now extended to the iPhone. Yes, it will be now available as amongst the applications in the Apple’s App Store.

Also available for iPod Touch, the app will work in the similar fashion in the Apple devices like it does for the Web.

Facebook Connect for the iPhone/iPod Touch just need to be downloaded and log into the Facebook account via the device, to see all your Facebook friends. Facebook Connect also enables sharing of applications.

“For instance, you can use Facebook Connect with the Urban Spoon application. Once connected, you can see which restaurants your friends have reviewed on the iPhone as you are walking to dinner and share your thoughts afterwards,” explained Joe Hewitt, who has engineered the app for iPhone, in the official blog.

The fun comes with games where you can connect to and play with your friends who are connected by iPhone and also on the computer. You can play around with Agency Wars, Binary Game. iBowl, Live Poker, Who Has The Biggest Brain and Tap Tap Revenge 2 and lots more.


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