SGH-E250, SGH-X520 and SGH-C140 Mobile Tracker Handsets launched by Samsung

SGH-E250, SGH-X520 and SGH-C140 Mobile Tracker Handsets launched by Samsung

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Samsung Mobile Tracker Mobile Phones

Samsung Telecommunications India, has just unveiled a new range of cell phones which has been dubbed “Mobile Tracker Phones”. The three new entry-level mobile phones from Samsung are the SGH- E250, SGH-X520 and SGH-C140.

The highlights of the new mobile phones launched by Samsung include new security features like Mobile Tracking (MT), emergency SMS, and privacy lock. This surely empowers consumers with security during mobility.

Speaking about the new security features of the newly launched Samsung mobile phones, Ryu Hyun Chul, MD, Samsung Telecommunications India, said, “Samsung understands Indian consumer needs and through our secured phones, we have tried to address three of the lager issues of mobile security i.e. securing mobile phones and preventing any untoward usage or incidents through MT, securing the safety of near and dear ones through emergency SMS, and securing the confidential data’s that are stored in that phone.”

The SGH-X520 mobile phone from Samsung is a very chic and slim phone, which comes in exotic colors such as Indigo Blue and Wine Red. The Samsung SGH-X520 mobile phone has features such as FM Radio, VGA Camera, and 65K color CSTN LCD screen that measures 4.8cm with a resolution of 128×160 pixels. Moreover, this mobile phone comes with an internal memory of 2.8MB.

The second phone launched by Samsung is the SGH-E250, which according to the company is the most fashionable slide-up style mobile phone available at a very low price. The SGH-E250 is embedded with a VGA camera and the latest multimedia features. Besides, it also sports a 5cm TFT screen, stereo FM radio, video recording, Bluetooth wireless support, 12MB internal memory and a MicroSD slot that is expandable up to 2GB.

Lastly, the SGH-C140 mobile phone from Samsung is an entry-level bar phone which has a compact and stylish design. It sports a 65K color LCD, a speaker phone meant for Handsfree communication, and 16 polyphonic ring tones. The Samsung SGH-C140 mobile phone has a screen that measures 3.8cm with a resolution of 128×128 pixels, and an internal memory of 700KB.

However, the most important features, which are common to all the three newly launched mobile phones from Samsung, are mobile tracking, emergency SMS and privacy lock. The Mobile tracking feature detects unauthorized usage of the mobile phone. When a different SIM card is inserted into any of the three newly launched mobile phones, the Mobile Tracker-enabled phone automatically sends an SMS to up to two numbers pre-defined by the original user revealing the IMEI number of the phone along with the new SIM number. This helps to retrieve the mobile phone back incase it lands up in wrong hands.

The emergency SMS feature allows the user to send an SMS for help when in trouble or when in some kind of an emergency. All the user has to do is push the volume key four times consecutively to activate the emergency feature. Once it is activated, it automatically sends an SMS to up to 10 predefined numbers with an accompanying text that read “Emergency. Help Plz”, after which the phone goes into ‘emergency receiving mode’ where the user can only receive calls from the 10 predefined numbers. Further, when they call back, the phone automatically receives the call with one vibration.

And the last feature common to the SGH-C140, SGH-X520, and the SGH-E250 is the privacy lock feature that enables users to lock all the files and folders inside the phone. This helps to safe guard information against unauthorized access.

All the three newly launched Samsung mobile phones SGH-C140, SGH-X520, and SGH-E250 are available at a MRP of Rs 2,579; Rs 6,149; and Rs 8,299 respectively.


  1. I am interested in mobile having Music, emails, office, fm, movie and GPRS.
    which are models ??

  2. I am using the prepaid connetion of BSNL, the number of which is +919412359779. My Samsung SGH E-250 mobile set is not supporting gprs/mms settings supplied by bsnl. kindly reply on my mobile phone no. 9412359779 thnaking you.

  3. To change the phone from taking photos upside down, press the camera key to go into camera mode and then press the 1 key (this is a fast key for inviting the camera, all the number keys are fast keys for changing settings, if your careful you can try them out, or if you go into the settings of the camera there is a page displaying all the fast keys)

  4. my samsung mobile sgh e250 does not accept ringtones received as sms. it says incompatible message

  5. I want to know how can i activate Mobile tracker facility in Samsung E-250. Let me know other unique features of E-250 also.

  6. How to enable the mobile tracker??? privacy locking and emergency SMS.?????? please help me out in this?!?!?!?

  7. How to enable the mobile tracker and the Emergency SMS, Privacy Lock?!?!?!?!?. Please help me out in this. I’m using Samsung E250. when i try to use the mobile tracker it’s asking for a password… what is the solution??????

  8. I need address of samsung mobile showroom at vishakapatnam.i need a to service my modile

  9. Hi,
    The defualt password for ALL SAMSUNG mobile is “00000000″ eight zeros. Got the answer???

  10. Mobile tracking feature is really fantastic.plz send me its complete details on my mail id. I also want to know that how to predefine the phone no.s for mobile tracking.

  11. Hi,

    I have purchased the new samsung SDH E 250 model, i am not able to recieve and ringtones it pops up as incomatible message. wht to do?
    More over if the keep the hearing volume to the lowest level i.e 1, still the person standing little bit far from also can hear. What to do? but in nokia handset i dont have this problem the hearing volume can be lower to greater extent when compared to E 250 model.


  12. hey dose anyone know the defualt password to get into the messige locker i forgot my code! i have a SGH-e250 thanks

  13. i bought E250 but i dont know how to activate mobile tracker feature so plzzzz help me to activate it & tell me wat is the talk time & stand by time of battery plz relpy me to my mail ID

  14. i bought E250 but i dont know how to activate mobile tracker feature so plzzzz help me to activate it & tell me wat is the talk time & stand by time of battery plz relpy me to my mail ID

  15. plz i need to know the password of my E250 cuz i need to use the privacy options… plz mail me the password

  16. Please send details to activate mobile tracker. I am unable to open pics recieved via bluetooth.Please help me out with a reason??

  17. I have purchased the new samsung SGH C 140 model,and I have login at Samsung Fun Club,but I can’t download the free wallpaper or tone.please show me the way!!!I have activated my gprs.Thx a lot
    please reply to as soon as possible

  18. I reset my privacy password and then forgotten it. Is there any way round resetting to factory settings without having to put a password in? Please help!!!!!

  19. I don’t know the password for activating my phones mobile tracker. My phone is a samsung e250. please send me the passwords

  20. plz i need to know the password of my E250 cuz i need to use the privacy options… plz mail me the password

  21. When i sent sms from my samsung e250 it does’nt save to sent box. Kindly tell me
    about this at my email address..

  22. i lost my mobile today, i dint activated the mobile track in my mobile. the model E250 and the is 355853013797009, manufacture date: march 2007. is there any way to find the mobile let me know the details.



  23. Hi ppl, very nice phone sgh e-250, please can you explain how to cut a normal song into smaller bits, I do not want the whole song I only want like 10 – 15 (20) sec of song but I have tried every thing it stil send’s the whole song format and my phone is so slugish what’s wrong or it’s normal

  24. PEOPLE everyone that’s got a sgh e-250 >> the default code for the Password is 00000000 they ask for new pin and confirm new pin ok.Settings>Security>(pop-up screen)> mobile tracker> password 00000000> new pin> confirm new pin> ECT…enjoy!!

  25. hello i just got a sgh-e250 want to get some unlock codes for it it ask for pass word plus ma phone is freezed how can i get it unlock

  26. Reseted my phone with an indeginous code from friend = “#*73667#” now
    i m having network problems. plz help.

  27. Hi My mobile is e-250 model..prblem is am unable to recive the ringtones and picture messages received as sms and it is giving as incompaticle message.can any one help me?

  28. dear sir or madam

    I would like to open my sim lock my mobile model number is SGH-C140. IMEI: 355398/01/856067/1. Please, send to me response as soon as possible.


  30. ive got samsung e250 model
    please tell me how to cut the song
    and how to hear fm without earphone
    and how will moble tracker help me to track my phone
    and how to avoid keypad lock everytime or to increase the time

  31. mainly i purchased E250 model for FM facility but let me know,
    how could i store songs from FM to my folder? is it possible?

    when i lost my e 250 , how can i got it by mobile tracker, pls tell me…

    this set is compatable to my PC, can i use data cable ?

  32. i have an SGH-E250 and i’ve forgotten the phone’s password. when i turn it on it says phone lock. what do i do to reset it or something???

  33. my mobile sets is x520, infrared is not working, how can i use it , plz give me answer with immediatley


    amarjeet singh

  34. pls….kindly send me a driver or installer of this unit samsung e250…i need more the ways…the incoming messages tones are limited..why we are not assigned other tones in my unit? pls help me this problem…?thnks…send my email for the updates…

  35. How to enable the mobile tracker and the Emergency SMS, Privacy Lock?!?!?!?!?. Please help me out in this. I’m using Samsung E250. when i try to use the mobile tracker it’s asking for a password… what is the solution??????

  36. My Samsung E250 camera phone becomes flip/upside down while i was using it. how can i fix this problem? please help me. thanks. email me..

  37. ***if the camera flips upside down, then you must have pressed the volume comtrol button on the side of the phone.
    to flip it back, press the ‘volume up’ key on the side.
    if the camera turns left when you are turning the phone right (and vice versa), then you have pressed the ‘down volume’ button. press it again to make it right again!***

  38. DEAR SIR,




  39. can i download screens in my SGH E250???? OR ANY OTHER SOFTWARE???//
    CAN I WATCH TV!!!!!1

  40. I have a SGH E250… Everytime I insert the SIM card… it give the option to save or cancel… and when save is selected, it reboots and the gives the option to save or cancel again & repeats …any suggestions?

  41. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz, help me how to activate the mobile tracker in my E250 handset. i dint find any option for activating it. can anybody help me sending me a solution or procedure??????,

    mail me at

  42. Pleeze could someone let me know why my phone will not allow me to save downloaded games to “Applications” – these are files with the extensions of .jad and .jar – what do I need to do to be able to use downloaded games on my Samsung SGH E250 phone. I seem to be able to only send them to the “My Files” folder and then not be able to do anything with them!

  43. i just want to buy d samsung SGX520.but could’t find it in amritsar so u plz send me d details of ur store where SGX520 IS AVAILIABLE

  44. inserted sim card from old nokia phone into a new samsung e-250 mobile. Tried the pin from the old phone and wouldn’t work. now have a phone freezed message and it won’t accept anything. Can someone pls advise how to get the phone started. optus advise its a phone issue as the sim acrd is up and fine. pls help!

  45. When i sent sms from my samsung e250 it does’nt save to sent box. Kindly email me.

  46. “# rocky Says:
    August 19th, 2007 at 5:36 am

    When i sent sms from my samsung e250 it does’nt save to sent box. Kindly tell me
    about this at my email address..”

    Same problem, solutions?

  47. hii i am lucky i love samsung moblies phones i like it plz full detail water phones queries my email id ok bye all of few.

  48. Hi there. I am using samsung E250. I want to know how to lock sms (Inbox, Sent, etc.)? Thanks in advance.

  49. me on how can i have more music on my fone SGH E250.
    how can i make a music my ringtone if i got through bluetooth?
    pls send me also the driver or installer of my phone in order for to download from my pc. thanks alot.

  50. My samsung SGH-E250 wont allow me to have a my own message tones Can i hve more TXT tones then just thos 4?

  51. i have samsung E250 set.Could you please tell me that how can i use a GPRS card on my mobile so that i can use internet with it on my computer.AND

  52. I am using samsung E250 mobile.Could you please tell me that how can i use OPERA mini on my mobile to use the GPRS card to enable internet………………………

  53. please send me the privacy code & mobile tracker codes,
    which processor active mobile tracker .



  55. I m using Samsung SGH-X520 i had lost my ear phone ….. so without ear phone how can we listen FM radio …can i have the code no. for that

  56. Hi,
    dear sir my cell phone is samsang SGH-X520. But Problem is how can i open Battary cover. Plz Ans sir .

  57. hello dear i m using samsung mobile c-200 and i want to enable mobile tracking system how can i do this please help me??????

  58. Which mobile phone display cable is compatible with the one of samsung mobile x520 since in my country there are no X520 cables.Urgent help needed and will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Daniel T.Mwangi

  59. dear all,
    how can i activate mobile tracker in my samsung e-250 cell phone. what is code for this.

  60. please can anyone help my samsung is being awkward pressed the 1 key to get my pictures from going upside down, but now it goes the right way up and into recording video mode

  61. I have samsung e250 when i am open my mobile its say enter code and I am forgetton my mobile code so what can i do.

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