D100 Cell Phone for Kids Announced by Disney

8:55 am

Disney D100 Kids Cell Phone

The FCC has approved the Disney D100 handset. The Disney D100 is a quad-band GSM phone meant for children. The Disney D100 handset for kids has already been approved by the FCc, so if your kids watch too much of Disney Channel, then you’ve got to read on!

The Disney D100 handset measures 3.89x 2.02×0.95 inches (9.87×5.13×2.42). Disney’s handset for kids has a dedicated design as the Navigation, Answer and Reject buttons, which are arranged in a Mickey Mouse shape and the housing features a Winnie the Pooh image.

Disney D100 has a 12-button keypad and can be exchanged with a four-button one. The child device also supports parental control, which is a feature similar to the one of the FireFly phone and the LG Migo.

The featured security levels on the Disney D100 are normal and administrator. The latter option, i.e. administrator is the mode that you would need to use in order to make any changed on the phone, like adding a contact.

Additional features on the Disney D100 allow parents to limit call times with the virtual timer function. Parents can also set “school hours” for when the phone should not ring.

Stressed out moms and dads can now take some time to relax, knowing that everything is under control and that their children are within a phone call away.


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