Nokia 1325 and Nokia 1265 – Two New Basic CDMA Mobile Phones Unveiled

5:53 pm

Nokia logo Today, Nokia launched its latest CDMA handsets which are especially targeted at consumers who use their mobile phone mainly for basic features like making phone calls voice and text messaging. Called Nokia 1265 and Nokia 1325, the phones incorporate a variety of attractive features such as handsfree speakers and voice recorders. The New phones were unveiled at the 3G World Congress in Honk Kong.

Larry Paulson, Vice President, CDMA, Nokia said, “With the new features of the Nokia 1265 and Nokia 1325, consumers are getting functionality along with ease of use. The features most of us take for granted on our phones are front-and-center on these new products for first-time mobile phone users. These two new products expand the range of Nokia models consumers can choose from at an entry level.”

All first time users situated in Asia-Pacific, China, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa will get a great deal from the new, slim Nokia 1325 phone. The Nokia phone offers an array of functionalities. A 64k color display brings the Nokia 1325 phone to life. Consumers can personalize their mobile phones with ringtones and wallpapers. The integrated handsfree speaker available in the Nokia 1325 phone means others can get involved in one call, ideal for family and friends. The Nokia 1325 phone can store up to 400 contacts and 150 messages, ensuring important messages are not deleted. With the 90-second voice recorder as a standard feature on the new Nokia 1325, consumers can now use their phone to record those important notes anywhere.

Weighing below 71 g, the Nokia 1325 phone is competitively priced and has a talk time of up to 3.5 hours, while standby time is up to 6.5 days.

The Nokia 1265 phone blends mobile features such as easy text messaging with predictive text and 32-Polyphonic MIDI capabilities with an integrated handsfree speaker, plus a 60-second voice recorder. In addition, the phone includes a large contact phonebook, calendar, calculator and alarm clock.

The Nokia 1265 phone offers a black-and-white display, talk time of up to 3.5 hours and up to 6.5 days of stand-by capability.

Both, the Nokia 1325 and Nokia 1265 phones are affordably priced and will begin shipping in select markets within China, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East Africa and Latin America during Q1 of 2007.


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