Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 Notebooks launched in India

11:29 am

Lenovo 3000 Y Family of Notebooks

Lenovo has just launched its 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebook PCs in the Indian market. The Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebooks have been targeted at the home consumer as well as the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) segment. These new Lenovo notebooks incorporate Lenovo’s biometric face recognition technology that enhances data security, and even allows the notebooks to be used by multiple users without any problems.

The Lenovo 3000 Y family of notebooks includes various features such as the Shuttle Center, a TV-Tuner card, an integrated Touch Pad, and a Slot-in ODD (a trayless entry for CDs and DVDs). The Shuttle Center is an audio and video entertainment platform that allows the user to navigate between menus without using the mouse. The integrated Touch-Pad features a wider touch area, and also provides two modes to avoid the possibility of touching the TouchPad when one is using the mouse.

The Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook has advanced Dolby Home Theatre, a Shuttle Center for easy navigation, a Slot-in ODD and a TV-Tuner card. The inclusion of the advanced Dolby Home Theatre sound makes Lenovo’s Y500 notebook perfect for multimedia enthusiasts.

According to Lenovo, incorporating Dolby Home Theatre into the new Y500 families of notebooks, will allow listeners to actually feel the excitement and emotion of their favorite music, movies, games and movies.

Both the Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebook families have a face recognition feature that is supported by Veriface software. This technology takes a digital snap of the user, extracts key features of the user’s face and then creates a digital map that becomes the system’s “password”.

This face recognition technology is able to recognize multiple users and logs onto the Windows operating system, as well as other applications without the need for users to remember a single password. In the event of an unauthorized attempt to log in, the Lenovo notebook photographs the user and stores the image in a log for verifications.

The key features of the Lenovo 3000 Y300 notebook are noted below:

  • Face recognition technology
  • Weighs 2.03 kg with battery
  • Integrated slot-in optical disc drive and 13.1″ widescreen
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • The key features of the Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook are listed below:

  • Integrated Dolby Home Theater system
  • A subwoofer
  • Face recognition technology
  • Integrated slot-in optical disc drive and 15.4″ widescreen
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • Integrated TV-Tuner card with Remote Control
  • The new Lenovo 3000 Y300 notebook will sell for a price of Rs.61,990, while the Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook is priced between Rs. 31,990 and Rs.69,990.

    “PCs today are so much more than a productivity tool. They are integral to our lifestyles, so they need to be easy-to-use and feature rich,” said Ajay Mittal, Vice President, Brand and Marketing, Lenovo India. “Our face recognition technology is the least intrusive biometric technology in the market. With data security becoming a vital concern among PC users today, we are confident that this line of notebooks will deliver a secure and reliable computing experience.”

    Lenovo is also launching a new promotion called Face to Face, in which lucky buyers of the Lenovo 3000 product line win a dinner invitation with Saif Ali Khan, who happens to be Lenovo’s brand ambassador.


    1. Price of Laptop (inclusiveof all taxes) ? In India (Ahmedabad)

      HDD : 100 – 120 GB
      RAM: 1 GB
      Processor : 1.7 Ghz – 2 GHz

    2. Quires::::;;;
      1) When did lenova y300 launched?
      2) Whats basic price of y300?
      3) System configuration of lenova y300 needed?

    3. i bought lenovo y300 3 months ago , i have problem is that ,it ejects lots of speed if i run for an hour so what is solution?

    4. Hi

      I bought a Lenovo Y5oo in June 2007. Now I got a problem with battery charging. The charge is never getting full. Indicator always shows as charging. Any solution pls

    5. where can i find the sound driver for lenevo 3000 Y500 for windows 2003…can you help me out…..

    6. hello ppl,
      i got my lenovo note pad y500 last march..its really wonderful n working fine..thanx to u ppl..its a really nice laptop.

    7. i wanted to purchase lenova 7758 44Q lap top plese send me mail what are feutures and price

    8. i had purchased lenevo y500 last may. I forgot to see its feedback b4 buying. I found my money has fallen in well after buying this piece. Its such a RUBBISH piece to purchase. Its a stupid deal to purchase this piece. Everything is in vain. Useless piece. Nothing is working well. Its not at all working as it promises. Not at all. I m going to complain about it.

    9. i have bought LENOVO 3000 Y500 MT/MOD: 7761-46Q series laptop 6 months ago but m having some problems with it like..
      i cant play games even which do not require that high configuration like NFS-underground2, WOw, NFS-most wanted,
      and a lot more…why is it so? even after updating the drivers,
      when i go in display settings and see the adapter information it shows me in the following way..

      adapter type : Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family

      chip type : Intel(R) GMA 950
      adapter string : Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
      bios information : Intel Video BIOS

      total available graphics memory : 251 MB
      dedicated video memory : 0 MB
      system video memory : 64 MB
      shared system memmory : 187 MB

      why is it that the dedicated memory is 0 MB?

      and when i go in intel graphics media properties it shows me in the following way…

      Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile Report

      Report Date: 03/12/2008
      Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 14:34:17
      Driver Version:
      Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Basic* , (6.0.6000)
      Default Language: Russian
      DirectX* Version: 10.0
      Physical Memory: 1013 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory: 251 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use: 93 MB
      Processor: x86 family 6 Model 14 Stepping 12
      Processor Speed: 1595 MHZ
      Vendor ID: 8086
      Device ID: 27A2
      Device Revision: 03

      * Accelerator Information *

      Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
      Video BIOS: 1398
      Current Graphics Mode: 1280 x 800 True Color (60 Hz)

      * Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator *

      Active Notebook Displays: 1

      * Notebook *

      Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
      Display Type: Digital
      Gamma Value: 2,20
      DDC2 Protocol: Supported
      Maximum Image Size: Horizontal: Not Available
      Vertical: Not Available
      Monitor Supported Modes:
      1280 x 800 (60 Hz)
      Display Power Management Support:
      Standby Mode: Not Supported
      Suspend Mode: Not Supported
      Active Off Mode: Not Supported

      can anyone help me out with this thing soon as possible,,,,how to increase the dedicated memory? and how will it be
      possible for me to play games on it?

      u can reply me the solution on my email..

      thank you.

    10. dear sir,

      while installing OS in Y500 one message appeared
      what is this.
      PCI.sys – Address – F95940bf base at F958d000, Datestamp – 367d855c

    11. I bought lenovo Y500 in dec 2007, I am geting problem in face passward, I don’t know how to give face passward… Is any one can help me….

    12. I am also geting problem in tv tuner, some time my remote does not work… when I press “TV” key on remote…. and the keys of shuttel center also does not works some time…..

    13. My bluetooth is not working.While installing the driver cd it shows error 68.What can i do. Plz help me.

    14. Hi Frnds,
      I baought Lenovo 3000 Y500 776143Q before 9-10 months. Now I hav some prob with notebook but I lost my driver cd. If any guys have same configuration then pls reply me at my mail id rajeshskansara@gmail.com

    15. hello,
      I need drivers for Lenovo 3000 G510 Graphic driver along with driver for Card reader and bluetooth.
      Any links on this regard is highly appreciated.
      Its very Urgent!!!

    16. I am using Lenovo 3000 Y500 . I lost drivers and software cd if any one can help me out ill be very much Thankfull ….

    17. as you know that there are several types of linux (ubuntu.pclinux os and many others ) is availabe in the market which one is good for y500 notebook with 512mb ram and 1.7 celeron processor

    18. kindly please forward me respective adresses of service centres of lonovo 3000 y500 model in mumbai

    19. i got the laptop model 0768-85Q and wants to upgrade it to 120GB hard disc and 2GB RAM. from where in navi mumbai or mumbai i can get it done from service center? and how much is going to cost?

    20. my lenovo 3000 y500 has got visual disturbance, some border shape glare appears on the picture and is not clear though letters and all other things are quiet okay what should I do?

    21. heyyyyy!!!
      i have lenovo Y500
      its a fine laptop with all the features a user needs

      i just wanna say that who don’t know how to manage a laptop will only say
      that Y500 is n’t a good laptop

    22. hi everybody,

      lenovo y500 is good laptop. I am using form 1.5 years . Only on problem is there with there DVD-RW. They are using Hitachi DVD-RW. In 1.5 year i changed my Drive 3 times. Due to warranty i am not required to pay any thing….

      And there service centers are also good. If they remove Hitachi DVD-RW and use any other vendor product then it is good for there product…

      except DVD -RW i can give it 9 out of 10 and for DVD-RW 1 out of 10………..

    23. ya i’ve got 3000 y500,it’s a good laptop, the only problem i’ve got so far since i bought it in 07′ is that DVD-RW is very sick,.it can’t read most cds or dvds.its comes as if there is nothing inside and sometiimes it says blank when it is not. i can’t even burn any ..my fren says i got to put new one which i know cost a lot. and extra one i don’t like it. what to do? need help.

    24. it very very good laptop but it have only120 gb hdd
      it should be 160 or 320gb
      but it have many option like bluetooth and wifi and tvtuner with bluetooth
      conectivity remot

    25. lenovo laptop y500 is one of the best laptop. I am using it from last 2years.
      Its give me excelent performence.but i have only problem with DVD_RW .Iwant to know that where is lenovo service center I want to use the service of lenovo service center.

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