Chandamama Telugu website launched in India

7:31 am

Chandamama Telugu website The experience of reading stories belonging to the Medieval India era have become more multi-lingual as Chandamama’s Telugu stories are now available online.

The newly launched site ( comprises of a blend of well-known Chandamama Telugu tales from the genres of mythology, historical, comical and contemporary too. This marks the beginning in the online editions, of the 12 language editions to go online. A site in Hindi and Tamil are on their way this March.

Speaking about the launch of the Telugu site, Chandamama CEO L. Subramanyan said, “We are excited to be the first children’s site in India to be available in two languages.” In addition he also said, that “the Telugu site contains original stories written for the Telugu publication and in many cases these are different from the stories you will find on the English site. For example: On the Telugu site we are serializing the Ramayana, whereas on the English site our mythology segment contains stories from the Life of Krishna, the Devi Bhagvatam and Stories of Lord Ganesha.”

Viswanatha Reddi, Editor and Publisher, Chandamama expressed, “It is indeed fitting that the first Indian language edition of should be Telugu. Chandamama was initially launched, in 1947, in Telugu and Tamil. We had committed to the language editions available to our readers. This is the beginning of that commitment.”

With this move, Chandamama strengthens its multi-lingual presence in India further, educating and imparting values to the country’s youth in a variety of languages.

Around a month back, Mundu IM V4 Tool was integrated with Chandamama allowing a unique online learning experience.


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