Storytlr, a new digital lifestreaming service bringing your life online

9:52 am

Storytlr Service Here’s an interesting piece of news for those who love sharing their life in blogs. First off from Belgium, the land of lace and chocolates is an innovative digital lifestreaming service called Storytlr that opens to view your routine life but in a very special way.

Quite different from other lifestreaming services, Storytlr is packed with umpteen features to make public your very personal thoughts and experiences. With an option to create your own lifestreaming service at your own URL, the service gives you a personal page to narrate your life. A highlight of other featured stories and personal pages should help you pick from range of fully customizable templates with no service branding.

If you enjoy giving a personal feel to your social networking site visits, then this novel service is just for you. After signing up to the service you can get connected to almost all your social networking site accounts including Twitter, Flickr, and many more. The unique service lets you manually insert your own content directly on the site and also allows visitors to comment on it.

Boasting of many widgets that can be easily included or removed and four customizable themes, the service puts together all your content in a little slideshow displaying all your selected tweets, videos and photographs. You can put up a simple tweet-like message, an audio file, an image or even a full blog post. Storytlr lets you import all Tweets and also hides your reply messages. So you can choose which request to publish making your lifestream clutter free.

Storytlr is now available on the Storytlr website.


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