Yahoo! Mail to offer unlimited Email Storage to mark 10 year anniversay in May 2007

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Yahoo! Mail Unlimited Email Space Yahoo! has announced that it plans to offer unlimited email storage for free to all of its 250 million webmail service users from May 2007. In fact, Yahoo has undertaken such a move in response to the exploding attachment sizes now that users share more videos, photos and music via email. And, that’s not the only reason why Yahoo! will have unlimited storage space. Yahoo! Mail will celebrate its 10-year anniversary, this May, and hence the gift to its users.

Currently, Yahoo! offers just 1GB storage in their webmail service. It is interesting to know that when Yahoo Mail launched in 1997, the company offered just 4MB of storage capacity. But, that was surely a different time, when the common mobile storage for PCs was a floppy disk with just 144MB capacity. Besides, at that time, media rich content was not even available let alone be transferred or stored on the average user’s PC.

“We are watching the trend lines of how people are using email. They are sending more photos and videos and rich media,” said John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo! Mail.

According to Yahoo co-founder, David Filo, “We are giving users no reason to ever have to delete old emails. You can keep stuff forever.”

However, Yahoo! Mail’s unlimited email storage offer comes with a few restrictions. This offer is strictly for personal use and subject to a number of guidelines against abuse that apply to Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! executives have also said that nobody can build a business by giving away unlimited storage to other consumers using Yahoo! Mail.

This move will make Yahoo! the first of the major free email providers (Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail) to offer unlimited storage. However, it is likely that this won’t be the last. In fact, closer to home, Rediffmail users got free unlimited storage space just earlier this month.

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