YouTube Clone PornoTube Sued by Vivid over Copyright Infringement

0 Flares 0 Flares × and PornoTube logos Leading entertainment company Vivid Entertainment Group has made known that it is dragging PornoTube, which is an X-rated YouTube like website, to court. The site has been accused of earning rewards from piracy by giving its users the permission to post videos, regardless of them even sporting a copyright mark and thus indulging in copyright violations.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles federal court, against PornoTube and its parent, Data Conversions Inc., which does business in Charlotte, N.C. under the name of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network.

The procedure in PornoTube is identically like that of YouTube. Users submit short video clips on the site which are available for free viewing. However the adult fare on the site providing XXX content are undercutting porn producers who earn most of their money from long-form videos.

“We’ve decided to take a stand and say ‘no more,’” stated Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. “We will go after all the free sites.”

The lawsuit further noted that though the law makes it obligatory to make note of the ages and birth names of its performers, at PornoTube doesn’t follow these regulations, thus giving it an unfair competitive benefit.

The lawsuit seeks damages of $150,000 over every infringed work.

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