Buffalo LinkStation Live with built-in Bit Torrent Client Launched in India

1:58 pm

Buffalo Logo Buffalo India has announced to expand its LinkStation Live series of storage solution with new Bit Torrent: the Network Attached Storage built in DLNA Server. The latest storage device is especially designed for home networking to share data over a network with built-in BitTorrent Client.

The built-in Bit Torrent Client is a program that allows users to download files using a peer to peer file sharing communications protocol. In addition, the main benefit of this program is that users can download data through built-in Bit Torrent Client without the need to keep the PC powered up. Users can use contents from the network computers or use the one touch direct copy function that is a means of taking pictures or movies from digital camera, camcorder and storage device via USB port directly.

Moreover, stored data can be shared on network and a built-in DLNA media server can stream it to a PC, a MAC, a Buffalo Link Theater and other DLNA certified entertainment devices.

“With the Indian market, gearing up for storage and memory solutions, users will enjoy the benefits of Buffalo’s LinkStation Live with Bit Torrent as a value added service,” said Milinda Banerjee, Liaison Representative Buffalo India. “This Buffalo device also includes Memeo Auto Backup Software for Windows or Macintosh. Its supported with Intelligent Power Saving functions, timer power on/off and auto power on/off with your Windows PC all help towards power saving and eco in mind.”

The Buffalo LinkStation Live with Bit Torrent will be available in India by October at an estimated price of Rs. 14,351 (320GB), Rs. 16,922 (500GB), Rs. 17,951(640GB), and Rs. 23,095 (1TB).


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