Sony unveils New Bravia LCD TV Range with Largest 70-inch Model

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Sony Bravia New LCD Line

Japanese electronic giant Sony Corp. has unveiled a new line-up of flat-screen LCD televisions. This new range will include the largest flat-screen TV in the market today.

The upcoming Sony Bravia line of television will include 15 new models. Sony said that its top-end flagship model will have a 70-inch screen. It is all set to become the largest flat television commercially available.

Sony also said that its upcoming Bravia range of flat-screen TVs will be embedded with advanced technology that eliminates fuzziness.

According to Sony, the retail prices of its soon-to-be-released Bravia line-up will range of 2,70,000 yen ($ 2,360) for the lowed 40-inch model to 4 million yen ($35,000) for the top-end 70-inch flat-screen television.

Sony has also revealed its target plans to sell 10 million Bravia LCD TVs from now until March 2008.

Last year, Sony was hit hard by recalls of faulty notebook batteries and the huge cost of developing its next-generation PlayStation 3 console. But now, Sony is hoping for a strong recovery in this current financial year.

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