Gears of War Free Hidden Front Map Pack now available on Xbox...

Gears of War Free Hidden Front Map Pack now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

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Gears of War

As previously reported, all Gears of War downloadable content would first cost users to download it, after which Epic would make it available afor free. In June this year, Epic had released a whole bunch of downloadable content for the popular 360 game. Now this very content will be available free of cost to all.

From September 3, 2007 onwards, the Hidden Fronts Map Pack will be available for download by all Xbox 360 gamers. This Hidden Fronts Map Pack will join the Annex game type and Multiplayer Map pack 1 as yet another free downloadable content for Gears of War.

In the Hidden Fronts Map Pack, Xbox 360 gamers can clash for control of four dynamic areas namely Bullet Marsh, Garden, Process and Subway.

  • Bullet Marsh: In this Kryll-infested swamp, an old generator still powers the area lights. A few stray bullets could easily knock out the generator, leaving combatants to fend for themselves against the Kryll.
  • Garden: This overgrown and crumbling conservatory still has a working fertilization and pesticide system. This system can pose a serious hazard to anyone who ventures into the greenhouse without first venting the air.
  • Process: Fight for control of this subterranean Imulsion processing plant, still active despite the cessation of the Pendulum wars.
  • Subway: Timgad ‘s Central Subway station used to serve as a central hub for commuters. Now the tunnels are crawling with Locust.
  • Another thing that’s great about this is that the Hidden Fronts Map Pack for Gears of War on the Xbox 360 will be available worldwide, and did we forget to mention that it’s free!

    All you PC gamers must be feeling a bit left out, but hang in there because come November 2007, Gears of War will be released on Windows Vista and XP PC platforms. Also, all you PC gamers get a bonus for not being able to play it all this while, as when the game launches on the PC platform, you’ll also get all-new content that we Xbox 360 gamers did not get! Included in this content are three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, Game Editor, five new campaign chapters and DirectX 10 support.


    1. Gears of War is way too over hyped, is nice getting free maps but it will be nicer if the game was actually any good too bad it ain’t. Being Xbox 360 owner sucks we have just pathetic FPS games only. PS3 owners got everything we want like.
      Resistance: Fall of Man
      Ridge Racer 7
      Heavenly Sword

      and soon they will get this.
      Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
      Final Fantasy XIII
      Killzone 2
      Grand Theft Auto: IV
      Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
      SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs Confrontation
      Tekken 6
      Ratchet & Clank Furture: Tools of Destruction
      Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge
      Unreal Tournament III
      God of War III
      and many more triple A+ games Sony RuLeZ with iron fist.

    2. while i agree that Sony rules (in my opinion) xbox isnt that bad. it has a nice selection of games its just that they are not to my taste. Gears, like Halo, is over hyped but still a solid game.

      Stability issues and arrogance are my only flaws with the Xbox console. also they dont care about old customers (relecing new versions of the old systems with hdmi).

      while online gaming is the same on both systems (for free on ps3) the xbox store is far superior and it seems Sony is neglecting it. i would like to see sony get a Segga emulator or something and release the entire back catalogue of Meggadrive games with smoothing to HD (if my pc can do it my ps3 can) more online game downloads of classics would greatly improve the sony online experiance which is its only fault at the moment

    3. ahahah PS3 owners are fags most of those games are also goin to be realeased for the 360 and dude come on the PS3 has only a few good games like Ressistance, Uncharted, and Ratchet and Clank Future which are the only good games they have and dude Gears owns all those PS3 games and man Lair sucked balls

    4. Resistance: Fall of Man
      Ridge Racer 7
      Heavenly Sword

      Not one of those games is worth playing, with the possible exception of Warhawk.

      Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots-MGS has been shit since #2
      Final Fantasy XIII-Has been shit since VIII.
      Killzone 2-Will do just as well as Killzone, which was supposed to be a killer app ;)
      Grand Theft Auto: IV-Is multi-format, sold more on the 360, and gets DLC. Lulz.
      Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune-Isn’t even a game. It’s pathetic.
      SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs Confrontation-A decent title! Only halfway through this “triple-A” list.
      Tekken 6-Has been shit since…Well, since it came out.
      inFamous-Never heard of it.
      Ratchet & Clank Furture: Tools of Destruction-Sold less than Viva Pinata.
      Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge-A demo you can pay for? AWESOME.
      Unreal Tournament III-Multi-format, and a drying FPS well.
      God of War III-Good game, may well be worth a look.
      SingStar-If this is your definition of a “triple-A” game, you might consider suicide.
      Home-Isn’t a game. Sweet.

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