Hollywood action hero Van Damme signed by Paradox Studios to promote Games

4:27 pm

van Damme In a revolutionary move, Indian development company Paradox Studios has signed up with Hollywood action star Van Damme. The Belgian born star will promote Kick Boxing and Van Dammage, games based on his style of kick boxing, which was created by Paradox’s 4-member team, with inputs from the actor’s personal instructor. The games will be released along with the release of Van Damme’s movies Second in Command and Hard Cops which are slated to release later this year.

A part of Reliance Infocomm, Paradox Studios is the pioneering Indian company to sign an international star in a long-term contract, lasting nearly two and a half years to promote mobile games. According to Vice president, operations and production, Paradox Ninad Chayya, apart from a revenue share, Van Damme also will also get an upfront guarantee fee.

Paradox Studios also has plans to sign up two leading Bollywood stars and one action hero from the South on multiple year deals that will include marketing and game promotion, Chayya added. However he declined to reveal the names, pending finalisation of the agreements. It has already released the BMX Extreme game, for which it has roped in an international BMX stunt team to promote it. Signing up of cricket personalities is on the list for the company aswell.


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