KiWi PC dedicates new Linux desktop computer to seniors

KiWi PC dedicates new Linux desktop computer to seniors

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KiWi PC Desktop

While most manufacturers are endeavoring to influence youngsters’ attention through advanced devices, KiWi PC prefers a different route. The company thinks about elderly people and designs the new Linux based desktop computers.

The new desktop computers now enable seniors to stay connected by providing immediate access to customizable email, internet and software applications. The device features an easy to use navigation system to simplify the user experience.

“Until now, there has not been an easy way for senior citizens to navigate the internet and stay connected to friends and family,” commented Oscar Ferreira, President of KiWi PC. “Linux based KiWi PC provides the elderly with an easy way to stay in touch, learn and game online.”

The Linux based desktop computer also integrates a fully customizable ‘Me Menu’ which allows users to conveniently access their favorite sites and programs straight from the desktop. For enhanced visual acuity, the model embeds large icons and texts.

There’s a pre-installed ‘Evolution Mail’ as well which lets consumers integrate their Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN, AOL or any other email accounts. Users can further benefit from the device’s base operating system accommodating a software centre in order to download hundreds of free applications.

The new KiWi PC desktop computers can be purchased for $499.99 from the company’s official website.


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