Epson glides in Pro Cinema 9350 and 9700 UB home theater projectors

3:57 am

Epson Logo Home entertainment has vastly shifted from watching favorite titles on traditional TVs to enjoying content on home theater systems and LED TVs. Users can now enhance the multimedia experience with Epson’s new line of projectors. The company has recently crafted two new 1080p home theater projectors featuring 3LCD technology with C2Fine chip sets, the PowerLite Pro Cinema 9350 and 9700 UB.

Filled to the brim with power-packed attributes, these new peripherals deliver stunning color and amazing detail. The 9350 and 9700 UB produce deep blacks and bright images with augmented contrast ratios of 50,000:1 and 200,000:1, respectively. Both the top-notch projectors flaunt professional-level color tools, including ISF calibration and color isolation. The last mentioned matches output with front projection screens by enabling installers and calibrators to fine-tune picture quality.

“Today’s home theater market is extremely competitive, and Epson is committed to developing high-quality, high-performing products that help the custom installation channel stay ahead of the game. We are continuing to pack our Pro Cinema projectors with a slew of value-add features, technology and service in order to deliver the programs and initiatives dealers need to help drive sales,” shared Marge Ang, senior product manager, Epson America.

Decked in black and silver case, the Epson Pro Cinema 9350 comes with a unique Dynamic Iris system that augments the contrast. This system controls light on a frame-by-frame basis at up to 60 times per second for better contrast and sharper picture quality. Users can now enjoy watching movies and video in all surroundings since the device proffers higher brightness of up to 2,000 lumens color and white light output.

On the other hand, the stylish Pro Cinema 9700 UB is offered as a step-up variant with numerous technology enhancements. Boasting of a dual-layered auto-iris, the device controls the reduction rate of light more efficiently and produces superior blacks for vibrant pictures. It renders brightness of 1,600 lumens color and white light output for clear cut imagery. The company’s Super-resolution technology and FineFrame technology ensure smoother frame utterance, better video quality and the exclusion of judder.

The eye-catchy 9700 UB lends pre-set color space selection to set color range in accordance to geography and source material. Besides, the projector can be used with fixed and movable sled anamorphic lenses in order to project true 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 widescreen images without black bars above and below the image.

Additionally, the reliable solutions include real color reproduction feature, Fujinon OptiCinema Multi-Lens Optics System (2.1 zoom ratio), Epson Twin Optics Reflection Lamp, five color modes, and spare lamp. Ceiling mount, reversible front panel, rear panel, cable cover to hide wires, and cable hook to secure connections are also planked in. Users can now easily connect these devices with other sources by using their two HDMI 1.3 connections with deep color support, high-definition component video input, S-video input, composite video input, and VGA-type RGB input.

The new Pro Cinema 9350 and 9700 UB are available now through authorized Epson projector dealers. However, there’s no official word on the pricing details.


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