MP3 Player, Pen Drive, FM Combo announced in India by Intex Technologies

4:17 pm

Intex MP3 Player Intex Technologies (India) Ltd., an IT hardware and electronics firm, has introduced its Pen Drive, MP3 player and FM combo. According to Intex, the USB device is available in capacities of 512 MB and 1 GB. It is a handy, cool and trendy partner for those who want to take along their music and data while on the move.

The Intex MP3 player with pen drive and FM has smooth rounded edges and is easy to fit in the pocket. Its black attractive main housing with green, yellow, orange and red screen display accentuates its physical beauty further.

As an MP3 player, the device offers outstanding sound quality. The system’s control keys include volume, play, forward, reverse, search, replay, repeat, equalization and contrast. Intex said its MP3 player generates perfect sound clarification for Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock and light toned music. Users can also record their voice with the support of an inbuilt microphone.

The USB connectivity and large storage capacities also make the device suitable for use as a pen drive. The multi-utility player comes packed with accessories including earphones and driver.

“After the success of DVD P-30 and DVD R-15 in the market, Intex is moving ahead in the entertainment electronics segment. The current launch of MP3 players exemplifies this. The product with its youthful charm has a utility for both music and technology enthusiasts falling in young and middle age categories. It is extremely useful for students and executives on travel, as it also has an inbuilt USB pen drive,” said Shailendra Jha, Product Manager, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.

The Intex MP3 player with Pen Drive and FM is available right away for an MRP of Rs. 2,999/- and Rs. 3,800/- (for 512 MB and 1 GB models, respectively), and is packed with a one-year warranty.


  1. i requir the information regarding of mp3 pen drive that if v have pendrive so ve can conect it headphone or not.
    plz reply me as soon as posible as in very short.

  2. hi,
    The MP3 pen Drive can be certainly connected to a headphone, irrsepective of the headphone company make.


    The last line of the article reads “The Intex MP3 player with Pen Drive and FM is available right away for an MRP of Rs. 2,999/- and Rs. 3,800/- (for 512 GB and 1 MB models, respectively), and is packed with a one-year warranty.”

    It certainly cannot be massive 512 GB !!!!!! and just 1 MB !!!!! Actually, it should have been the other way round i.e. 512 MB and 1 GB

    Please correct this mistake as it can easily mislead people who aren’t technically savvy and are planning to buy it.

    Bhavesh S.

  4. Please accept our sincere apologies. The article has been corrected. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  5. i like the new combo drive i want to buy it

    plz mailme ur address in delhi and cennai

    thank u

  6. this is a good product as it is a complete value money. i would lyk 2 know about is dealer in delhi and jaipur

  7. How many hours of recording can the 512 MB and the 1 GB “Intex MP3Player-Pen Drive-FM-Recorder” store ? How good is the sound quality of such recordings ? How effective is the mike in it ?

  8. Wat bout the battery…..

    is it chargeable via usb or does it require some kind of batteries???

    wats the continous play time…

    plz lemme have th dealers details too..


  9. sir i would like to know more abt this product.What abt its charging.whether it requires a charger or is it any other way.what is the accessories available with it.i would like to buy it.i would like to know abt the dealer in kerala thatis in kollam

  10. Iwould like to know how will we connect it to the computer by usb cable or Directly to usb port

  11. Hello,
    I do have a intex usb/mp3/wma/fm drive 256 MB. It was working fine, however I do not get the start up instructions in the screen of the device as earlier. The gadget can not be used for the mp3 or voice recording purpose now. The flash disk purpose is still OK.

    Could you please give comments how it can be rectified.
    Thanks and regards


  12. Intex mp3 players

    i really wanna find out whether the intex mp3 player can be charged via battery supply or it has to be charged via USB port? cau u explain!

  13. hello friends,
    Can anyone tell me what am going to do to my intex mp3 flash drive. whenever i swich it on it will just display “STARTING” without bring anything again.
    I will be very gratefuk if anyone can tell me what am going to do with it so it can starting working properly as it is before becos i dont want to loss everything i store there beos it contain my life.


    Hoping to hear from someone soon.

  14. Sir,
    I am really impressed with the product details.I would like to know where in CHENNAI I can buy the same.Also would like to know what sort of battery or charge mechanism involved?
    Pls reply asap as I plan to buy during this weekend.
    S.Ashwini Kumar

  15. Dear S. Ashwini Kumar,

    Pl contact Intex’s Chennai branch. They will guide you to the best distributor. The concerned person is Mr. Manish Bhandari. His no is 9383254503, 32905060.
    You could also call at our toll free no 1800116789( from MTNL, BSNL phone) and register ur query. The same can be sent at info@intextechnologies also.

    Customer Care Intex

  16. Dear Sholex,

    Pl call at our toll free no. 1800116789. We will direct you to Intex’s service centre as we dont know to which place you belong. You could mention the place in reply to this message.

    Cusomer Care Intex

  17. Dear Aneel , Yogendra and Harish,

    All of you could contact Intex’s branches and they will guide you o get the best uy. The contact details are:
    1. Delhi: 011-32450887. Mr. Shailendra Jha @ 09313192501, 30888920
    2. Jaipur: Mr. Rameshwar Sharma @ 0141-3232949
    3. Mumbai: Mr. Sammer Parekh @ 09324675601
    4. Chennai: Mr. Manish Bhandari. His no is 9383254503, 32905060.

    You could also call at our toll free no 1800116789( from MTNL, BSNL phone) and register ur query. The same can be sent at info@intextechnologies also.
    Customer care Intex

  18. HI

    I just want to know about the Sound Clarity

    All i need is the clear Bass effect and Voice

    Will I be getting the same Quality as i am getting now in MY sony ericssion W550I

    Reply asap I need to know about the product

    Where is the chennai branch?????

  19. Hi Perumal
    Sound clarity is excellent but i suggest you must get a first hand experinece befor buying the product. The adress of Chennai branch is:
    Intex Tech. (I) Ltd.
    No. 21/22,23, Mela Ram Complex, 2nd Floor,Chindadripet, Wallers Road,Chennai -600002

    Customer Care Intex

  20. I want to have mp3 player of 1Gb, i want to know the branch of inTEX in Navi mumbai or in Mumbai….

  21. Hi, I am using Intex Speakers they are excellent in sound quality.. I am planing to buy a MP3-Pen drive..So, Could you please give me details of the distributors in Akola or Amravati.. Thanks

  22. Hi, I am planing to buy a MP3-Pen drive..So, Could you please give me details of the distributors or from where I can get this.

    I also want to know about the sound quality of this 512 MB player.

    Can u also provide me the comparision of it with Creative mp3 cum pendrive player. because one of my friend have this of creative co. I found the sound quality of that is exelent.

  23. hi
    i am intrested to buy this pen drive
    can u give the latest price and dealares in Bangalore

  24. I want to have mp3 player of 1Gb, i want to know the branch of inTEX in kolkata

    and also latest price value of this

  25. I’ve got an intex mp3 player 512mb fm combo….. it was workin fine till recently when it started gettin file errors and now cannot be read on any computer somethin is wrong with its flash what can i do to fix, or what advice can u give me

  26. hi, i am keen on buying the intex mp3 player wanat to know about the sound quality and about fm availability, does it have fm recording also.

    what about recharging, what will be the best price for this product i wana bye 1gb mp3 player.

    let me know yu can call me on 9819067882. i stay at bombay central.

  27. Hi Sri Harsha,

    You could get in touch with our Bangalore office. They will direct you to the best dealer. The contact details are:
    Vineet Kumar,No. 185 / A -6, Ground Floor, 1st Cross, Wilson Garden Extension, Banglore – 560027
    080-22120941,51216729, 080-41506725, 080-32950017.
    Thanks !

  28. Hi Ajanur Rahaman,

    Pl touch base with our Kolkata branch. the details are:
    Ranjit Bhattacharjee,
    22, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sooterkin Street, Kolkata- 700072
    9339654502, 033-30280547
    The MOP of this product will range from Rs. 2200-2300
    The MRP is: Rs. 2999/-

    Thanks !

  29. Dear Paul,

    Let me know your contact details. We need to get in touch with you to set your MP3 player right!


  30. i have a intex pen drive 128 mb. i have forgotten the password for that. now i cant open or save any data in that. is there any other solution for the same.
    waiting for ur relpy

  31. i have an intex ipod ver 2.611.i cant open or access any of music/video or fm.whenever i star it on it dosnt keeps on blinking on the screen giving a msg of “welcome”.i can only play my music when connet it to the p.c.please help

  32. Dear Kunal Lavangare and Njirih,

    Please let us know your place of stay so that we could help u out propoerly.


  33. Sir

    Will you tell me about the costs of the latest pen drive-mp3 players available in India and also about their technical advantages(like how much memory do they have etc.)

    Jeevan Jacob
    Kuttikattu House
    Othera(E) P.O
    Thiruvalla, Kerala

  34. prices are much more than expected.though performance is good.It will be better to go for another product.

  35. hello sir
    i have dig. mp3 player of 512mb .when i want to record something then it shut down sometimes.plz tell me that what is the problem in it.i bought it in 2006.

  36. hi: could any one pls let me know whether this can play .dvf files of sony voice recorder
    just i want to know the compatibility of this player for these recorder .dvf files…urgently post back the reply..thanks in advance

  37. hi: could u pls anyone let me know the compatiblity of this player with my sony voice recorder file format .dvf…..please post back the reply ,thanks in advance

  38. hello sir,
    i have a problem in dig.mp3 player.when i want to listen,it switched off n it is not playing any is also not open when i attach it with my im can get asolution.if any one knows plzzzzzzzzz wrire me.

  39. i have INTEX MP3 Player (1Gb). Know i have problem in it.So where i contact? plz give me releted website/email etc if possible.

  40. Dear Sir,

    Please call us Toll Free-1800116789 by MTNL or BSNL.
    or at my mobile-09871611838 Otherwise you can send your complain through mai or website,,

  41. I want a 2 GB pen drive with mp3 player and FM. I would like to know if any shops are in Bangalore. If so please mail me to the above address.

  42. No. 185 / A -6, Ground Floor, 1st Cross, Wilson Garden Extension, Banglore – 560027
    Vinit Kumar ASM 080-41216729, 9342054600, 9945696493

  43. Hi intex team!!

    u ppl r certainly doing a gr8 job.
    some queries?

    wht`s d latest price for intex 1gb mp3 player in chennai?
    whr can i buy it?
    wht abt battery backup???
    why is it better then creative nano gen 1gb mp3 player with fm???

    n 1 issue which m seeing is dat its hanging while u try to download?
    is it a bug or what???

    plz reply…

  44. What about the battery…..

    is it chargeable via usb or does it require some kind of batteries???

    What’s the continous play time?

  45. Can you please give the dealer address in Pune? & the latest prices of 1 GB? Do you have a product with higher memory?

  46. Hi,
    Can you tell me, is there any dealer in Bangalore. If available, can you send the address to my mail. Also send me the datails about this Mp3-Pen-FM to mail id.

  47. Do you service any other companies mp3 players.. Is there any general mp3 player service centres in India? Please help

  48. i have MP3 player which is not working properly the downloading of songs from pc is ok when i try to play it the player is switched off,recording ,FM are working properly.please tell me any repair centres in Mohali, CHANDIGARH.

  49. Can U provide me the driver for USB2.0, 256 MB pen drive for Win2000. The driver CD I got along with product has driver only for Win98.

  50. I am having Pen drive having mp3 , FM as well. i would like to know how much time it wil take to recharge.


  51. I want to buy a Pen Drive – 4 MB and FM. Pls provide me the details that where can I get it? and what will be the cost?

  52. I want to buy Pen Drive – 2GB & 4GB. Please provide me the details n quote the cheapest possible rate.

  53. i have ipod ver 2.611, had been disturbed by an autorun (an usbkiller), for a short time; and i formated my ipod, now it does work–even the SigmaTel MSCN Audio Player Setup(a software accompanied with the product) couldn’t be installed.

  54. Could anyone let me know whether 4GB T-Sonic 840 MP3 Player(TRANSCEND) is available in INDIA, if so could u pls let me know where it is being sold in Chennai/Bangalore…????????

  55. plz let me know whr i can get a 2GB T-sonic 840 mp3 player in bangalore mangalore or hyderabad

  56. Hi,

    I have a pendrive with 5 in 1 . It is a brand of sony 256 MB capacity. It consists of Mp3, Voice recorder, FM etc. There is a problem in it. So I require service centres in hyderabad to repair it. Pls help in this matter

  57. hi,
    i have a intex pendiv+fm combo….(image above)
    ……the play /on/off button is jammed…noyhin is functioning……is there any place where i can get it repaired?????

    the biggest ploblem is that i do not have any guarantee card as it was gifted to me…….please helpp!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. hi,
    i,ve an intex player(img above),no gaurantee card,on/off/play button is not functioning…infact its jammed…is there any place in delhi or lko,anywhere in india where i can get it repaired????
    please help me out….thnks

  59. hi,
    I am using dis device from the last 1 year but now, it is giving complaints as i want to add or remove the songs from it but it couldn’t . i think i need to update its software but i don’t know how , plz guide me …..

    i need your help as i bought my system ,home theatre, it-4800,1.5 yrs back fn allahbad and now giving trouble as frequently goimng in mute mode and big nuisance….delaer no not responding given on this site…
    pls help me out
    satish gupta

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