5 Best iPhone Caller ID Apps

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iPhone Caller ID Apps

The best iPhone caller ID apps are great for finding out just who that anonymous number flashing on your handset might belong to. No need to play guessing games or answer with a rather doubtful greeting. With any of the following handy options in place, you’ll be able to know exactly who’s trying to communicate with you without even having to pick up the smartphone. The name and number of the Jane or John Doe needn’t even be stored in your gadget’s contact list. The various software bits will pull up details like name, address and more on the individual.

1 – TrueCaller:

Option 1

This particular program is an apt piece of software that is a simple must-have in any iOS device. It boasts of an extensive user collaborated database that aids you in recognizing just who’s on the other end of the line. Through this delight, information based on names and numbers will appear directly on your touchscreen, irrespective of whether they are local or international numbers. According to the brains behind this endeavor, there are more than half a billion digit sets in its global database. What’s more, the freebie even works on pre-paid handsets.

Besides the ‘Me’ feature, it also comes complete with a community-supported list of numbers that pertain to unwanted individuals. The maker even throws into the amalgamation social integration and number linking options. Another interesting attribute comes in the form of ‘True Scrore’ which shows you just how famous your number is. And besides the Apple gadget, this global phone directory software in our roster can also be downloaded on a whole slew of handsets such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian.

Price: Free

2 – Number Guru:

Option 2

Wondering just who that number might belong to? Well, stop racking your brains a little too hard and simply consult the number guru. With this software piece sitting in your handset, you’ll no longer have to put up with telemarketers, spammers, 800# numbers and even debt collectors. Another great plus point here is that it even proffers free unlimited reverse lookups.

Simply open the program and begin punching in a particular name or number. As per the developer, the directory covers 50% cell phones and 100% landlines, well except for all Verizon wireless numbers. The software even flashes comments put forth by other members so that you’ll be able to better distinguish the number or type of individual on the other end of the line. And last but not least, this inclusion in our array even shows you the original carrier.

Price: Free

3 – ReverseGenie:

Option 3

‘Need to know who’s buzzing you from an unfamiliar number?,’ quips the maker of this interesting entrant. Well, you don’t have to find a magic lamp or gifted sprite in order to fulfill that wish. All you need to do is procure this gem from iTunes. Besides just carrying out the function that’s in the spotlight here, it also doubles as a handy phone number lookup service. The software further lets you search for Facebook pictures and profile links when you punch in the email address of that particular individual. What’s more, you can access maps for the addresses that pop up during your virtual search result escapades. The user-friendly program supports a trio of phone number typing combinations. Additional data pertaining to the owner, such as IP address, gender, physical address, time zone, real name, phone number, registration date and carrier information can also be fished out.

Price: Free

4 – EveryCall Reverse Phone Lookup:

Option 4

By shelling out just under a dollar, you’ll be able to seamlessly avoid unwanted numbers and identify spam without undergoing too many hassles. However, it’s a little different from the other programs listed out here. The software is noted to be a community-based spam tracker that aids you in clearly spotting digits from robo-dialers, telemarketers and other unwanted people. The program claims to be powered by the EveryCall.us Community database that boasts of real information based on tons of user reports. In turn, you can also provide precious insights to the community database by revealing data bits about unwanted numbers. Wondering how ‘spammy’ the digits are? Well, simply consult the Spam Power Meter.

Price: $0.99

5 – Cell Number Search:

Option 5

Looked upon as a fast and reliable program by the maker, this contender allows you to search for just about any mobile number while you remain unlisted. Some of the other features that are on its attribute list read as email address finder, reverse number lookup, cell number directory and home phone numbers. There are no hidden costs or extra in-app purchases to worry about here. And if you want to give this software a try before actually shelling out just under $2, you can take complete advantage of the Lite version which is up for grabs absolutely free of cost.

Price: $1.99


All of these gems will help you fathom just who’s on the other end of the line so that you can answer with utmost confidence or choose to ignore the ‘tring’ especially if it’s someone you want to avoid. Now, if you have friends and family who own an Android-powered handset and are quite impressed with what the aforesaid best iPhone caller ID apps can do, well they can acquire the same flavor on their portable device too. And to make things a little easier, we have already gathered together the acme lot of them right here. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the box situated just below.


  1. Everycall reverse is not free like you say it is on this website. Everycall reverse cost .99. This is false advertisement and i took a picture of this website with the everycall reverse and that you say it’s free and i took a picture of the fact that it cost .99 to download it which shows it’s not free.

  2. I don’t think you read this right Mike, it clearly states that you will pay just under a dollar, in the description. Furthermore it lists $.99 as the price, but the FREE you see is for the other APP listed above. It’s funny that you went to the trouble to take a picture and write the complaint instead of just reading the short descriptive ad.

  3. You may want to add “Caller ID – who is calling me?” iPhone app as I believe it beats 4 of the apps in your list.

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