6 Best Video Search Engines

6 Best Video Search Engines

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Best Video Search Engines

If you’re looking for an effective way to get those boring and lifeless days to quickly pass by, YouTube may seem as a good source of entertainment, but why just take a bite off the bread when you can get the entire loaf through these 6 best video search engines we’ve sliced down just for you. With that being said, these websites offer clips from all over the internet instead of just one webpage. The concept is same as web-based search engines, all query are determined based on the keywords entered as well as through certain systems that can automatically detect the type of video and provide an accurate match to your request. So, instead of receiving webpage results, these engines are focused on delivering video contents that are hosted from various sites.

1. Google Video

Google Video

The first addition to our list of video search engines is pretty obvious but if you already didn’t know, Google’s search engine stretches over various offerings and amongst them is the Google Video feature as well. Until January of 2009, the website was dedicated towards video sharing which allowed you to upload your home clips to a wide audience on the internet. But then, there was YouTube as well. So on closing down the user-based video service, the company has focused its attention towards delivering visual content form almost all sites and at any point of time. To sum it all up, you can search for music video, movie trailers, news clips and many others on the internet.

2. Yahoo Video

Yahoo Video

Similar to Google, Yahoo Video was once a video sharing site too. Being an internet-wide search engine, the company has focused towards delivering content hosted by various websites. The webpage holds an intuitive interface and comes with advanced search capabilities. Additionally, you can access featured content that are changed and updated on a daily basis. For convenience in quickly solving your queries, the page comprises of various categories including comedy, viral videos, talented users, odd things, animation and other entertainment clips. What’s more, the video search engine service is made available through country-based websites for deriving better location-oriented results.

3. Aol Video

Aol Video

Most people prefer making a selection from well organized categories and if you’re one of them, then do surely look up Aol Video that’s earned the third spot on our list of video search engines. It offers a video search engine that creates a convenient way to find and watch videos that are located on various popular destinations across the web. You can browse through different sections such as music, celebrity, TV clips, news, comedy, TV shows, food and cooking. Besides these it hold content from providers like Hulu, Fox and Comedy Central.

4. Bing Video

Bing Video

Previously knows as Microsoft’s Live Search Video, Bing Video provides access to a variety of TV shows, music videos and some of the most-watched content on the Web. Although none of the clips are hosted on the website, the company has made it convenient to find videos through their individually categorized tags. Feature-wise, you can filter out all queries based on the video’s length, sort them by the date uploaded or added and also have a quick look through the Smart Preview function by simply placing the mouse over the thumbnail. Bing video can also be found integrated within other services such as Bing News.

5. Truveo


Truveo is a video search engine that was previously acquired by Aol a few years ago. On the website you can find video content that’s hosted by various other sites like YouTube, BBC, FOX News, NBC and many more. To help you search better, it allows you to browse through various categories including music, sports, news, entertainment and the most twitted ones as well. You can also refine your queries by making a selection from the preloaded list of shows, channels and videos.

6. CastTV


Featured as the last addition to our list of video search engines, CastTV provides a wide variety of TV shows, movies, news, sports clips, music and viral videos from over a thousand sources around the globe. It utilizes a self developed search and indexing technology to derive accurate results. The company has also claimed its service to filter out expired or old videos, duplicate entries and most importantly spam. Despite being a search engine, the website seems to have everything well categorized through which finding content should be more convenient. You can view music video from various artists, previews of the top rated clips or even watch TV shows and movies online.

Now that we’ve listed the six best video search engines, there shouldn’t be any funny clip or latest audio track that you’re unable to find, that’s if you have the right keywords. And we’re sure you’d be amazed with the kind of content that your likely to come across through these websites. Better than just going through YouTube, isn’t it? Also, if we’ve missed out a few search engines that you feel are equally capable like the aforesaid ones, don’t hesitate to let us know.



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