5 Flash Players for iPad

5 Flash Players for iPad

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Flash Player iPad Apps

Here we are recommending the must have Flash Player for iPad apps, why you ask? When do iPad users wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Each time they see Apple and Adobe promising to become BFFs and wake up to realize it was all a dream. Cupertino’s intolerance to Flash has always been the stuff of legend and the way HTML5 seems to be progressing, there’s hardly any hope for iPad users who find the current web browsing experience incomplete without Flash support. This naturally brings you to our Flash Player for iPad post. What we’re trying to say is that when all hopes falter, apps prevail.

iSwifter iPad App 1. iSwifter: YouWeb has put out the bait for Flash Player seekers in the form of iSwifter. It may be listed as free in iTunes, but read the fine lines and you’ll see that holds good for only half an hour of browsing. After that, you’ll need to shell out $4.99 for the app. Apart from supporting Facebook games, the latest version accommodates Google+ Games too. Though it boasts of being a cloud-based Flash browser for social games and MMOs, regular websites working on Flash can be accessed with it too.

Skyfire Flash Player iPad App 2. Skyfire Web Browser: Want something at $2.99 that can soothe your iPad’s issues with Flash? iTunes hosts the Skyfire Web Browser which claims to support over 2,00,000 websites and counting. What’s more, the application is apparently keen on video compression technology, meaning you save a lot of bandwidth while streaming videos and trying to toe your data plan line. At the same time, games and apps built around Flash will not run on Skyfire since it is optimized only for Flash video viewing.

Splashtop iPad App 3. Splashtop Remote Desktop: Now this next one in our list is not your average utility which simply lets you play Flash content on the slate. Instead, Splashtop Remote Desktop connects to the user’s PC or Mac and permits them to interact with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari, World of Warcraft and other PC or Mac applications over Wi-Fi or 3G, or 4G networks wherever applicable. On sale for $4.99 when we last hit up the iTunes link, the app can reel out Flash-based videos and games.

Cloud Browse iPad App 4. Cloud Browse: Designed to bring the full desktop browser experience to iOS devices so users can access Flash and Java content, Cloud Browse encompasses a hosted desktop Firefox browser. It saves search history and login information and runs the desktop browser on the company’s very own secure servers. Marked at $2.99, the basic service which arrives with the app purchase proffers 10 minutes of ad-supported browsing per session.

Photon Flash iPad App 5. Photon Flash Web Browser: Yet another applicant to the Safari alternative is the Photon Flash Web Browser application. It should permit you to play Flash games, utilize Flash apps, watch Flash videos and even listen to music streamed via Flash Player. It blends in native browsing for normal websites and remote browsing for Flash sites, while enabling users to switch between both modes or peruse them simultaneously in multiple view mode. You can download the app from iTunes for $4.99.

So those of you who thought there was no way to get your iPad to play nice with Flash may want to think otherwise. See which one of these from our compilation of Flash Player for iPad works for you. Or you could just sit around and grumble about iDevice users being forced to interact with the web the way Apple wants them to.



  1. All I am trying to do is be able to upload pictures that are in my photos or albums to Facebook and it keeps telling me I have to have adobe flash which you can not put on iPad, so how do I upload pictures?

  2. Hello What applications would you recommend for my iPhone, that replace the need for Flash?
    Thank you,, Mary

  3. Drop Box seems to work ok though if you’ve used your iPhone as I just did to selectively load pictures and video, it uploads files as jpeg files (I’m not sure what file format it (DB) uses for videos.). This seems to work fine for the still photos, but for the videos, you’ll need the flash player (maddening right) so you could try one of the 5 alternates listed in the above thread…good luck

  4. P.S.: if you put Drop Box on your PC (presumably the same is true if its a MAC) when you plug in your iPhone a dialogue opens and one of the choices will be “upload your photos to Drop Box”…possibly this will upload them as Quick time, in which case you wouldn’t need Flash. I used the iPhone as a thumb drive because I wanted only a selection of photos and videos; however it brought them in as jpegs since it was treating the phone as a thumb drive.

  5. I have been trying to order photo prints off the Target web site and it won’t let me do so without adobe flash player! So I would like some suggestions.

  6. Apple is very foolish not to have resolved this problem of Flash. They are losing millions and millions in sales for education because we NEED flash. Well over 3/4 of what we use is based on, or encompasses sections with FLASH and HTML 5 is absolutely years away from replacing / catching up on the educational content. Stupid move APPLE. As soon as androids have caught up in quality educational apps for primary age, (losing to ipads at about 100:1) many of us will jump ship from iPads to android tablets. My advice: fix it or your huge appeal to educators of younger students will be lost forever. For us it will be the ONE and ONLY reason we ditch the iPads. Hello Samsung!

  7. How does one post a video on face book? I’ve tried and a pop up comes on screen telling me I need adobe. Are there any apps for I pods to post videos on Facebook? This. Jimmy Dorsey


  9. Thank you so much for the response. This help me out a lot. I will make sure that the next time I get someone to create me a website I will make sure that it is compatable with Apple’s Ipad system. More people are switching to using Ipads for their business needs, and I for one will be glad when they sort out the bugs. We shouldn’t be punished for preferring Apple right?! 😊 Again thanks everyone.

  10. The main reason I am needing an app such as these is to take some online training courses for my job. Which of these is recommended for this task?

  11. First, good morning. Second, I tried to find what I was looking for but couldn’t. So, is there anyone that is willing to let me know what I need or should do to get the flash player on my Sukpad working again?

  12. What about to make a photo album on a site called snapfish? Would any allow that type of flash player?

  13. Please…why do I have to PAY to get such a basic thing like a flash? Any fully free alternatives?

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