Roku Channel Store with first 10 free channels announced

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Roku Channel Store

Watching TV is no longer limited to boring local channels or just DVD movies. The incorporation of the Internet to televisions seems to have revolutionized the home entertainment experience. Adding to this space is a new open platform by Roku that delivers enhanced content to the TV. The company recently unveiled the Roku Channel Store and also rolled out its first 10 free channels.

In the comfort of their living rooms, users can now enjoy a wide array of multimedia content on their TVs. Along with internet radio and video podcasts, users also gain access to professional web content while sharing photos and personal videos thanks to the Roku Channel Store. Adding to the consumers’ Roku experience are 10 new channels namely Pandora, Facebook Photos, Revision3, Mediafly, TWiT,, Flickr, FrameChannel, Motionbox and MobileTribe.

With the novel Roku open platform, content owners and publishers can now effortlessly reach the large and growing audience of Roku customers. The playing field for content owners has further been leveled with the store that allows delivery of content to the TV over the Internet. Users can choose from a wide range of channels as the new channels join the existing Roku channels like Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand and MLB.TV.

“The Roku Channel Store turns the Roku player into the world’s first open platform designed specifically for the TV,” mentioned Anthony Wood, founder and CEO of Roku, Inc. “Now content producers and distributors – from single person shops to billion dollar corporations – can deliver their content directly to consumers without having to go exclusively through cable operators, satellite networks or TV affiliates.”

Developers have the ability to create applications via Roku’s free software developer kit to develop channels for Roku. The store has been enabled for all Roku players like the Roku SD, Roku HD and Roku HD-XR models. Besides these first 10 channels, users can anticipate many new channels in the store in the near future. Various developers are presently working on Roku Channels. New channels will appear in the Roku Channel Store automatically as they become available

All existing Roku customers will be able to access the Roku Channel Store as an automatic and free upgrade all over the course of the next two weeks. Existing customers who can’t wait for to auto-update can also manually update their player. Upon the first installation of their Roku player, new customers will automatically be upgraded. They will be prompted to create a Roku account to use and browse the store.

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