New Panasonic MOS image sensor with improved sensitivity

New Panasonic MOS image sensor with improved sensitivity

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Panasonic MOS Image Sensor

Balancing high sensitivity and picture quality is a significant issue with manufacturers looking to offer really good cameras fitted into slim form factors. Panasonic’s got a trick or two up their sleeves with a new MOS image sensor (MN34110) for digital cameras

It looks to be an improvement on the νMaicovicon MOS image sensor that receives a sensitivity boost. The technology also represses patchy color and brightness for rendering a more uniform image quality. The result is a diagonal 7.7mm (1/2.33” type) sensor with an effective resolution of 14MP.

The refined process technologies deliver a sensitivity of 3050 el/lx/sec/μm2, which is touted to be extremely high for an MOS image sensor. Apart from extending the light angle for better pictures, the reworked light-focusing structure means a slimmer chassis too. This is useful not just for digital cameras and camcorders, but also for cameras in smartphones or other mobile devices.

Panasonic plans to kick off mass production of their new-fangled MOS image this December. Stability of supply is unlikely to be a problem here since the manufacturing process is based on the existing MOS image sensor structure.


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