6 Games Like Animal Jam

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Games Like Animal Jam

The following games like Animal Jam allow you to unleash your creativity and even learn a thing or two while having fun. Now the title in question is an online virtual playground that offers some awesome treats for individuals who simply love the great outdoors. This endeavor is a joint venture by National Geographic Global Media and Smart Bomb Interactive. Here, you can hop in and create your very own characters and dens, complete quests and socialize with others. The website even helps drive home an important message as it urges its members to protect the environment and wild creatures. And if you’re looking for similar titles, then read on.

1 – Wolf Quest:

Wolf Quest

This 3D wildlife simulation title lets players get up close and personal with wolves and the wolf ecology, well virtually of course. You get to step into the paws of these furry critters and roam across Yellowstone National Park soaking up all the experiences as the events play out onscreen. It’s noted to be a single-player title that’s split into 2 episodes namely, Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. While the former lets you hunt elk and encounter other wolves, the latter enables you get a little deeper by allowing you to establish a territory, raise a family and even keep them safe from predators like grizzly bears and coyotes.

What’s more, up to five players can come together to form a pack and go on wild hunts in the multiplayer section. You’ll also be able to chat with wolf biologists and other members of the online community. ‘Can you survive the call of the wild?,’ quips the brains behind this endeavor.

2 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

If you like to go online disguised as a member of the creature kingdom, then jump right in and see just how you would fare dressed as a penguin. This entrant in our games similar to Animal Jam roster lets you decorate your onscreen character with a variety of trendy threads and even take part in more than 20 exciting online games. The website also allows you to adopt and take care of some adorable little critters called Puffles.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to interact with other players via the title’s intuitive safe chat option that comprises only of suggested phrases, so all you parents out there can breathe a little sigh of relief. What’s more, the activities featured here require kids to use their motor skills and creativity.

3 – Webkinz:


Here you can watch in amazement as your plush toy comes to life on the web terrain. You can give your adorable stuffed toy a name and even a special home area that can be decorated with different accessories picked up from the online store. When you sign up, you’ll already be blessed with 2,000 KinzCash. You can even earn more currency like this by dabbling in several arcade titles and Quizzy’s Question Corner. Availing of a full membership here would need you to enter a Pet Code or create a free account.

4 – FeralHeart:


Some of the previous inclusions in our Animal Jam alternatives array enabled you to roam the virtual planes disguised as a wolf and penguin. Well, get ready to leap across the wide open online spaces as one of nature’s most majestic creatures – the lion, or even as a wolf.

It’s a free-roaming 3D RPG title that lets you customize your character in a number of ways. This includes tweaking its eye color, pelt-hue and even opting for distinctive markings on their face and body.

5 – Moshi Monsters:

Moshi Monsters

Now instead of transforming yourself into a critter, how about adopting your very own pet monster? You’ll be able to nurture your little tyke as well as take part in other fun activities such as designing your own room, entering competitions and even tending to your garden. There are also tons of puzzles and titles to exploit here. You can earn currency called Rox and purchase some delectable goodies for your cuddly critters with the help of these online bucks. The portal further proffers safe social networking options like buddy lists, Nwsfeeds, Pinboards and Monster blogs. What’s more, all the titles featured here are quite educational in nature and attempt to test your arithmetic, logic, spatial and vocabulary skills.

6 – Switch Zoo:

Switch Zoo

This particular contender in our games similar to Animal Jam roundup is a bit different from the other options laid out here. The whacky website lets you dive right into some exciting titles that are all of the creature-nature. This virtual zoo is also home to all the new beings you create. This can be done by performing the old switcheroo, and mixing and matching different animal body parts.

You can start off by first opting for a host creature and habitat. What’s more, you’ll even get to build an online habitat of your own as well as read fun stories and facts about these beautiful critters. Some of the other educational titles featured here include Where Do I Live? and Feeding Time games like Scavengers Hunt, Please DO Feed the Animals and Meerkat Grab-a-Snack.


Now if you loved what the gem in the spotlight here had to offer little ones, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate each and every one of the games like Animal Jam listed out here. They all are safe havens where children can let their imagination run wild, interact with other kids from across the globe and even soak up some valuable information along the way. So which ones are you planning to introduce to your kids next? Well, don’t forget to leave your favorite mentions right here in the box below.



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