8 Games Similar To League Of Legends

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Games Similar To League Of Legends

The 8 games similar to League of Legends have it all – action, real time strategy and a large helping of fun. The 8 options mentioned below possess just the right delectable ingredients for anyone who’s scouring the gaming terrain in search of League of Legends alternatives. Developed by Riot Games, LOL unleashed across the scene around 3 years back and has been gathering faithful followers ever since. Its gameplay is highly inspired by the well known Defense of the Ancients which was fashioned for Warcraft III. So if you’re a fan of the duo then we suggest you read on.

1 – Defense of the Ancients:

Defense Of The Ancients

We begin with the game that started it all, Defense of the Ancients or DotA. It boasts of an epic 10-player battle where the gamers are split into 2 teams comprising of 5 each. Taking on the role of a hero, you and your team must destroy the opponent’s heavily defended constructions known as Ancients, which are located at the heart of each individual base.

You and your friends can take advantage of DotA via Blizzard’s Battle.net service, private leagues and servers, local gaming hotspots and LAN cafes. Don’t feel intimidated by the depth of the title. If you’re new to the game, the maker has provided a set of guides that will aid you in your online endeavors. And for those who are seasoned players, well, dive right in and engage in battle already.

2 – Heroes of Newerth:

Heroes Of Newerth

Another action RTS title bearing familiar options makes its way to our games like League of Legends roster. Christened Heroes of Newerth, it released onto platforms such as Linux, Windows and OS X just a couple of years ago. It’s noted to be a MOBA gem that incorporates various attributes made famous by the WOW 3 mod, DotA.

Popularly known as HoN, the game pits two sides namely, the Legion and Hellbourne, against each other. You can step into the shoes of any one from 103 heroes, each with his or her own special abilities and advantages. Built upon the DotA formula, it further transcends to new heights, all thanks to fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics and meticulous statistical tracking.

3 – Demigod:


Demigod transports you to a magical universe where Gods walk amidst mere mortals. Demigods from all across the globe are vying to attain true Godhood and take the place of the all father who has disappeared without a trace. You must opt for your particular demigod from a lineup of 8 contenders and enter the arena, preparing to battle against powerful competitors bearing brutal strength and skill.

The game in question employs both tactical RTS as well as RPG elements. And although you’ll begin each game at level 1, you can gain experience by defeating foes and capturing flags.

4 – Land of Chaos Online:

Land Of Chaos Online

Be prepared to step into the Land of Chaos Online or LOCO, if you wish to see a smart display of genre blending. Even though it claims to be a tactical online action RPG, this title further incorporates third-person shooter and MMORPG elements. Hungry for more? You can personalize and develop your very own heroes and endow them with epic artifacts which will help deal with the enemy.

In order to succeed in the in-game matches, players will need to perfect teamplay and tactical finesse, according to the developer. Once you zero in on your trio of champions, you can then choose to join either the Army of Purgatorium or the Forces of Nature.

5 – Avalon Heroes:

Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes offers different modes and exciting online DotA matches that are crammed with loads of action. While the Battle mode lets you face another faction, the Arena mode comes complete with the Legendary Mob who must be taken down by the perfect Hero strategy. Furthermore, you can jump into the title along with 8 pals and battle against the strongest monster boss in Adventure mode.

There is also a special Plaza mode thrown into the mix, which enables you to interact with friends, upgrade your equipment and even create a guild. This entrant in our alternatives to League of Legends array also features a Scenario mode battle game. Those who dabble in this section will unravel the legend behind the Oriens and Aeonia divisions.

6 – Realm of the Titans:

Realm Of The Titans

Realm of the Titans is a free to download and play title that’s packed to the hilt with a plethora of powerful heroes. Each character has been endowed with his or her own mythical appearance and skill set complete with full profile and detailed biographies. As the maker reveals, the title ‘conforms to most MOBA standards in terms of controls, movements and more.’ There is also a comprehensive Items section that boasts of an impressive inventory which is divided into numerous categories such as assist, consumable, weapons, movement and defense. All these objects can be taken complete advantage of via in-game purchases.

7 – Legendary Heroes:

Legendary Heroes

After roping in a few PC and online titles into our games similar like League of Legends list, we now throw focus on a gem that’s fashioned for the portable arena. iOS- and Android-powered device owners can avail of Legendary Heroes which forays onto the respective stores, minus a price tag. Yes, all the juicy RTS action bliss makes its way to these gadgets absolutely free of cost.

Take part in intense matches by employing the intuitive touch controls of the devices. You can control 3 heroes, with each character possessing 4 unique special abilities. Additionally, there are 30 maps to dive into as you level up your in-game heroes during the course of the title.

8 – Rise of Immortals:

Rise Of Immortals

The free to play online PC game called Rise of Immortals comprises of the action-strategy gameplay that’s seen infused in traditional MOBA titles. It further incorporates socialization features and persistent character progression.

Developer and publisher Petroglyph Games also provides a social hub where you can chat, browse leaderboards, manage friend and guild lists, emote, shop and even show off your enhanced Immortals. Players can opt from more than 21 unique in-game characters and exploit PvE maps and 2v2 up to 5v5 PvP matches online.


Fans of the MOBA genre will certainly wear a smile across their face after checking out the 8 games similar to League of Legends. Those who aren’t ardent followers of this segment can still try their hand at a couple of the aforementioned contenders. And who knows, they might just end up becoming an action RTS enthusiast themselves. So which ones catered to your fancy?

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  1. What about consoles? Are there any disc based or PSN store based games on the Playstation 3 that is even similar to LoL? I realize you’d be using a controller and not a keyboard/mouse, but there has to be something similar.

    Just look at Torchlight, and soon to be Torchlight 2, which is not only PC based, but is also a Xbox360 title. It’s the best game I know of that is like Diablo, short of the (very poor quality) original PSone version of the actual Diablo. Sadly, Torchlight is not, and likely will never be on the PlayStation.

    I really do not know why there is so much player rage against the PS3. It has far superior hardware than the Neu Wii, and Xbox360. Likewise, PS3 live gaming is 100% free vs. the monthly charge from Microsoft for Xbox Live. It’s also the only console that has and supports Blu-Ray full 1080p video quality.

    The only thing that in my view justifies any player rage towards Sony’s PS3, is that despite a court order from a judge to fix firmware to allow owners to modify their systems however they would like, (.i.e. like the “Other OS” where the PS3 used to be able to run Linux). Honestly, for those who have any rage towards Sony removing that option, no console before or since offers enough RAM and full video card driver access to run a PC based OS with a GUI.

    Beyond that though, minus a few rare exceptions, Sony is still getting the short end of the stick on some of the most popular gaming titles released over the past several years.

    Anyone know of any title that is either a disc based or purchased on the PSN store that is anywhere even somewhat like LoL? I’ve had no luck whatsoever in finding one.

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