8 LogMeIn Alternatives

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LogMeIn Alternatives

The following LogMeIn alternatives are your best options if you’re thinking about replacing the software. There are hordes of applications that claim to offer the most efficient possible remote access. And in order to assist you in choosing one from amongst them, we’ve narrowed down your search considerably. A detailed description regarding each of these contenders will help you pick one that suits your needs just right. So scroll down to know more about them.

1 – TeamViewer:


First up is TeamViewer, an efficient software that lets you access a remote computer system from miles away within seconds. It gives you control of a PC from another via the internet or through mobile applications available for the iPhone, iPad or Android-based devices. So you have the option to access your content saved on a PC from not only a desktop, but also a handheld gadget while you are on the move.

Saving data on your local drive won’t be a problem either as you can copy entire folders or simply drag and drop stuff when accessing a system remotely. Additionally, the TeamViewer Manager keeps track of all your sessions and saves it in a database which can easily be shared with others.

Price: $749 (Business Edition)

2 – Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client:

Remote Desktop Connection

If you are one of those who require a solution to gain access to Windows PCs from Mac-based computers, this option in our lineup of alterntives to LogMeIn is meant for you. The utility developed by Microsoft, is available for download separately and is included in the ‘Office for Mac 2011’ package as well.

Compatible with most of the latest technologies for Mac and Windows, this Client 2 software boasts of Multiple Sessions Support so you can have access to more than one system through a single Mac computer. You are free to customize this application as you please and even assign your own keyboard shortcuts for maximum flexibility.

Price: Free (Business version)

3 – GoToMyPC:


This software, available for both Windows as well as Mac computers, gives you the liberty to connect to pretty much any system that has an internet connection. The utility installs itself on your computer after it has been downloaded and its 128-bit AES encryption and dual passwords eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to your data. The Android and iOS applications available at Google Play and iTunes, respectively, enable you to instantly have access to all your content through your mobile gadgets. It is possible to copy and paste content or print remotely. An option to create a desktop shortcut comes in handy as you do not have to pass through the login page time and again, once you set it up.

Price: $9.95 per month

4 – RealVNC:


Regardless of the operating system on your computer, RealVNC lets you have remote access to every internet-connected PC. It is available in free, personal and enterprise editions, and each of these versions permits you to assign passwords in order to make sure your data is safe within the confines of your desktop.

The paid versions allow you to print documents remotely and even chat with the person who is using the computer which you have remote access to. The Android and iOS applications can be employed for the purpose of accessing an internet-enabled computer featuring VNC-compatible server technology, from a mobile device running Android or iOS platforms.

Price: $30 (Personal)

5 – Mikogo:


Taking our list of programs similar to LogMeIn alternatives further is Mikogo, a software that promises high quality desktop sharing between computers running the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. A useful feature of this utility is its ability to share your screen with as many as 25 other users.

This software comes in handy for making presentations and lets anyone adopt the role of a presenter. It lets you obtain remote access to a connected computer’s keyboard and mouse so you can take control of it and use shortcuts to execute functions on the remote PC.

Price: Free

6 – remotepc:


If you need to access content saved on a logged-off computer, you may find remotepc pretty helpful. Not only can you print documents and copy them to your local drive, but also reboot the remote system and connect it again. And if that’s not enough, you can remotely access a PC from iOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPad using the iOS application from iTunes. You can invite another person to view content from your remote computer, print documents or play audio directly from the remote PC.

Price: Free (free monthly plan)

7 – imPcRemote:


Another software in our queue of alternatives to LogMeIn that is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems is imPcRemote. It boasts of instant, secured as well as trouble-free connections between PCs, over the internet.

Organizing remote computers into groups is possible and you can even have someone else access these groups. As is the case with most similar software, you can utilize the tool to transfer files. Moreover, it enables you to access multiple desktops simultaneously.

Price: Free (Instant, Professional)

8 – ScreenConnect:


ScreenConnect promises to connect your PC to a remote system with just a few clicks, regardless of which operating system they run. It enables you to control the screen, keyboard and mouse of the remote PC and chat with the person at the other end. The drag and drop option highly simplifies the task of copying and pasting multiple files between them. You can even reboot and reconnect a computer remotely as well as record a screen video in AVI format while connected.

Price: $300 (Concurrent Session License)


So whether you are looking for a paid software or a free one, or even one that’s flexible with various monthly or annual subscriptions, we’ve pretty much covered them all on our compilation of LogMeIn alternatives. And like LogMeIn, most of these allow remote access via smartphones and tablets, making them strong contenders for replacing the former. Do let us know if you are willing to go for one of these applications.



  1. Logmein was fine the first month but if you manage lets say 50 pcs you got to pay 50€ for 1PC anually.
    That mean you have to pay 2500€ a year to manage a small sized business company.
    Incredibly expensive for someone who only use 3 of 20 features pompously advertized by them, not worth the money you pay for it honestly.

  2. logmein = useless…

    I tried this in order to help a friend remotely. even we got the pro version, as the guy lost files and needed help asap. guess that I could only see the screen of his pc! no way to use keyboard/mouse ! this is completely useless application.

    Finally we got the pro version of VNC that works like a charm.

  3. I use LogmeIN, Ms Remote desktop, teamviewer and vnc. But the most important differences are not mentioned.
    – Do you have have a direct public IP on the host.
    – Does the place where you start from alow you to use other software than plain browser(access home pc/server from work desktop)
    – Does the place you connect from have high secured firewall!(this is where most solutions stop. And why I’m looking for an alternative. Logmein used to work fine, but since a while uses ports or protocols which are firewalled.

    Now looking for an alternative that:
    – Does not require public IP of the remote pc
    – works through the browser
    – Doesn’t require any wholes in firewalls of client.(just plain 443).

    I will give Google Chrome Remote Desktop, GoToMyPc, MikoGo an imPCremote a try.
    Any tips?

  4. Unfortunately none in the list is free, especially for commercial use. I would suggest teamviewer but it’s too strict in commercial use detection and always interrupt sessions with warning – so it won’t do.

    By now there are few tools that provide remote desktop access free of charge.
    If you’re looking for an alternative I would consider you trying Aeroadmin which is quite simple in use, works behind NAT and what is the most important FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE!

  5. I am a dentist. I occasionally like to work from home and like to access my small network of computers at my office (6 computers). Logme in was advertizeed as a free service. Since I do not use it all the time, I am looking for a free service. Disappointed by Logmein, because now they want to charge a fee. I understand everyone needs to make money, but they should have said it was an introductory offer and then I would not have spent time getting to know the software. Not happy.

  6. BeAnywhere has a free version for those who don’t use remote support professionally. For those who do, logmein free was never a good option… But yeah, they should have given AT LEAST one week notice or something

  7. Been using the LogMeIn free service for years. Now, they are going “paid only”. And they gave me this HUGE 7 days notice.

  8. Logmein.com unofficially no longer supports Mac. Officially they do for market hype, but sadly in the real world it won’t work on Mac. It has not worked on Mac for almost 6 months now. I use to use it frequently. Many forums and complaints confirming this. I would gladly pay (non-monthly) for a product that is reliable and works on Mac as the target machine.

  9. At least you got 7 days notice. I got 0 days warning. they just sent me an email today saying that as of today the free version is going away.

  10. Has anyone used remotepc? It looks like a much better deal than the now pay version of LogMeIn. I can swallow $100/year for 10 computers over the $100/year for 2 computers that LogMeIn wants. Oh, and this is my official “Thanks for the 7 day notice, LogMeIn”. I can’t see paying for a subscription if I can’t trust them to give me a decent notice before implementing such a drastic change.

  11. For personal accounts – Teamviewer works well. LogMeIn gave a super short notice and didn’t even come up with competitive price points compared to other remote software makers lol.

  12. I also received the email saying that it would end today.
    But if I go on Logmmein.com, they say that it will end on Jan. 28th.
    So, there really is one week left.

    I found Chrome Remote Desktop and AeroAdmin that could replace LogMeIn.
    Anyone tried them?

  13. This morning I also received the LogmeIn email about the free version expiring on 21 January 2014. But when I log into their website I am told I have 7 days left. I have tried various solutions and LogmeIn has been the best free solution; it can wake up remote computers when others could not for me. With LogmeIn I don’t have to do complicated setup in either my work place (a non-profit place) or at home. I am not willing to fork out $90/year (after the promo pricing ends). I am going to have to find something else–preferably free. I wish LogMeIn would at least allow the non-profit users free access even if LogMeIn has to establish our credentials as non-commercial users.

  14. LogMeIn has their other free service Join.me. It’s nice in that it’s fairly simple for both local and remote people to use and it runs through your browser without any special configs. Unfortunately, the ‘remote control’ portion gets flaky and will just stop working. It’s an “OK” replacement, but you are getting what you pay for in this capacity. It’s good for when you and a remote person are in a pinch and you need a quick view of the situation. I don’t recommend it for long term use.

  15. Logmein just sent me a notice that they’ll be ending their free service by the end of January. Glad to see that there are several alternates out there that look like they can fill the bill.

    I noticed you did not review the Google product.


  16. I don’t mind to have to pay for something to run the business after all I’m making money why shouldn’t the person that makes my life easier. But 2 computers for $50 I don’t use the program that much usually in emergencies. Might have to look for a different alternative. BTW I do also use logmein on my IPAD and it works great.

  17. 0 days notice from logmein does not inspire me to do business with them. At no point did they say the free access was an introductory offer only. I know it’s their business and they can do what the want, but I have no intention of paying them since I have no faith they won’t change the T&C again with no notice.

  18. Hi, Used logmein free as it was handy as i travel to be able to acess kids PCs at home if they needed help. Now having to move on as not worth paying for logmein pro. However I am trying teamviewer and what concerns me is that the viewer on the kids PC allows them to access any other.

    Anyone care to recommend a solution from the list above wherby you just drop come software on the remote PC and access via web portal

  19. logMeIn = $50/year for 2 computers. If my math skills are correct, that’s $500 in 10 years, $5000 in a lifetime. logMeIn = GOODBYE

  20. I am in the same boat as everyone else, short notice is a bad business practice. I am looking at CrossLoop, appears to be the same type of service. Cost is MUCH cheaper.

  21. I spent most of today testing the “free” products listed here connecting using a 1Gb/sec Wired LAN:
    1) I started with imPcRemote. This one is crap! Built using a freeware/shareware version of VNC. Drops connection and if host tray app locks up you need access to console to restart.
    2) Next up: remotepc. A little better than imPcRemote but still very buggy. Not reliable. Same issue with host tray app in Windows.
    3) Mikogo actually worked pretty well; however it is built mainly for sharing admin screen 1-to-many, as in a educational setting and not for remote support.
    4) I have used RealVNC before. It is a pain to setup with opening firewall ports, etc… so I didn’t go there.
    5) GoToMyPC is way to expensive. No Free product only a trial and after that they want 1000’s of dollars.
    6) I ended up with TeamViewer. It is by far the closest thing to what LMI offered as a free, non-commercial product. However I am scared to install it on many computers using the same userid. Does anyone know the “tip-off” limit that will cause TeamViewer to lock my account?
    As much as I hate it, I am now looking at purchasing LogMeIn Central for $300 USD to keep all my computers (about 60) running LMI Free without having to do a bunch of work switching them to TeamViewer and still a chance of getting locked out! Thoughts or comments?

  22. As a result of this abrupt action, we are offering 50% off of our industry-leading service. Same features, from $1-$7 per month. Use offer code: LOGMEOFF at checkout.


  23. I work for Citrix and GoToMyPC is offering 6 months free then 3 computers for $69/year. Go to gotomypc.com and enter promo code: welcome

    6 month should give you a good idea if it is worth the $69 or not.

  24. Hey,
    I see that everyone of us have in the same trouble!
    The main filter for choose an alternative to logMeIn is the IP connection. Options like VNC needs router NAT and is not practice.
    I will evaluate AeroAdmin, seems that is the best solution.

  25. If you want access to your files from your iPhone or iPad, getyounity.com is the easiest FREE replacement. You can’t admin your devices, but you can browse all your files, across all your devices at once. You can search for any file across all devices at once too. Lastly, you get all your media libraries (iTunes playlists, photo albums, etc.) too, which is something none of the other alternatives offer.

  26. Cont’
    7) Looked at Chrome Remote Desktop app. Unfortunately, it requires installation of Google Chrome browser to install the Remote Desktop app (i.e. add-in). Noticed immediately that after PC reboot, the app must be manually started again from within Chrome. This is useless as I need to do remote support which requires after-hour reboots.
    8) AeroAdmin is lightweight Windows-only client that must be manually downloaded and installed. Not!
    9) Heard promising things about CrossLoop; however their website is either poorly maintained or severely overwhelmed because of LMI’s announcement today. Have tried all day to download free trial of CrossLoop Pro for evaluation=no cigar!

  27. I found this helpful link to get you started using teamviewer.


    Initial thoughts are that it is probably the closest alternative to Logmein Free and its interface is clunkier.

    I am not happy at all.

  28. AeroAdmin is an executable that not requieres installation.
    The main adventage is that assigns a ID for each client, however other tools like ShowMyPC works with a randomly code each time that you connect.
    The main disadventage is that not works in service mode.

  29. @jwthrman. Thanks for the info! Should save us some time.
    I have narrowed down my options to TeamViewer and AeroAdmin. I have installed TeamViewer on my work computer–which stays On all the time. I will install TeamViewer on my home tower which stays in Sleep mode almost all the time but I need the option to remote Wake up that computer–for which Logmein worked fine because I could use any browser (even on my Nokia Lumia 920) to wake up the home tower. If T.V or AeroAdmin could do that AND not require me to do any corporate firewall work then I am sold. I saw another product (forgetting the name) which would charge $4.95/month for 3 computers–that would be my next option.

  30. People, and you know who you are.

    Instead of bashing a free service try this.

    “Thank you to, LogMeIn for several years of service with no cost. And help when I needed remote service. and for being a pioneer in remote serving. Unfortunately I’ll have to stop using the service as it is a bit expensive for us outside the corporate world. Sure do wish your pricing was easier for us outside corporations. Then I’d stay.

  31. I tried to use Meshcentral.com (run by an Intel employee),but I couldn’t get it to work. So, I’m using TeamViewer for now. Works ok. I tried RemotePC which is free for one PC (that’s ok too), couldn’t get AeroAdmin to work. The best was Logmein.

  32. ScreenConnect is great. I have had very little issues with it and their support is awesome. You have options for customers to join the session from your webpage (password protected option), from a link in an email, or you can have them install a small MSI file and you can pop in and out as needed. It also has options to store windows credentials so if you need to reboot you don’t have to have them log you in again.

  33. Perhaps too early to say but so far TeamViewer 9 is looking real good! I am able to Wake up and connect to the home computer from the internet using both the desktop application on a Windows 8 tablet as well as use the Chrome browser to Wake up and connect to the home computer. Working flawlessly…and free! The office computer (in a non profit place) is always On so there is not any problem connecting to that. Next will use the T.V app on my Nokia Lumia to Wake up and connect to all my devices; and here T.V really beats Logmein because the Windows Phone platform, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t have the Logmein free or paid app while T.V has a free app.
    Thank you, Logmein, for allowing us to use the services for free. But $100/year for two computers for occasional users like me was way too much, after being essentially spoilt for years with the free service. I would have glad paid up to $3/month to allow even a few sessions every month if that was offered.

  34. Rick Everett:

    No one is bashing a free service.

    Like many others, I loved LogMeIn. I actually felt a bit guilty about getting a free ride. I didn’t use it much, maybe 10 logins a year to any one of about 6 or 7 computers. I would gladly have paid an appropriate amount for my limited use, say $20, maybe even $30 a year.

    I appreciated the free service, and recommended LogMeIn to others — including paying customers who otherwise wouldn’t have bought. So while I was a free user, yes, I actually brought them revenue.

    If I had received an email like this: “Dear Customer, we’re finding it appropriate at this time to restrict our free product to just two computers and to exclusively non-commercial use. We see that you use the product to log in about 10 times a year, to log in to fewer than 10 computers. We have a new LogMeIn edition that we feel is right for you at just $24.95 a year…” —

    If I’d received an email like that, I would’ve signed up in a heartbeat.

    Instead, what we’ve gotten has been along these lines:

    “Dear Free Customer (or should we call you Free Loader, ha ha?)

    We’ve given you a great deal. We’re ending it. You’ve got 7 days to pay up or pack up. Not a reasonable amount of time? Screw you. We’re sure you’re so dependent on us, you’ll probably pay.

    Especially since we’re giving you such a great deal. Just $50 to be able to connect to a generous 2 computers. For the first year, of course. Then you’ll be paying us $100 a year from now on.

    What? You connect to SIX computers? About 10 connects a year? Ah, we have a really special, generous deal for YOU. Or two.

    First, if you want to drop a computer — we’ll let you choose which one — you can use our special LogMeIn BendOver Edition. Just $250 a year!

    Or, if you want to keep it at 6 computers, we’re sure you’ll find LogMeIn BendOverAndLikeIt Edition. Just $450 a year.

    And we’re offering a generous HALF OFF of either, for your first year. That’s right, just $125 for LogMeIn BendOver, and just $225 for LogMeIn BendOverAndLikeIt.

    Don’t like those alternatives? Screw you.

    What? You mention that we promised back in March to keep LogMeIn Free, free? Well, we did. Until we decided to abruptly cut you off, of course.”

    Again, Rick, no one’s bashing a free service. I loved LogMeIn, appreciated it, would gladly have paid a reasonable amount, recommended it to others, and recruited them paying customers.

    I’m bashing a tone-deaf company run by baboons who clearly don’t know what they’re doing, don’t consider their free users “customers,” and don’t give a flying f*** about the people that have chosen — even on a free basis — to trust them and enter into a relationship with them.

    THAT’S what I’m bashing.


  35. Splashtop is the best performance one… it’s simple and cheap… free on most platforms. Been using it for years

  36. The best way I found for migrate from logmein is take a hybrid solution:

    – for PCs like servers, we need access without user intervention, and then tools like TeamViewer or RemotePC are factible.
    – for “client” PCs, implement options like ShowMyPC or AeroAdmin

    ¿why hibrid? because TeamViewer and RemotePC are not free! and we can’t add a lot of machines.

  37. J-LogMeOUT… great comment.. very true and I believe you speak for a bunch of us. I would have gladly paid if it was reasonable.

    I have begun to use Teamviewer… I always used it with new clients for quick remote access. I have gone through the effort of setting up multiple computers last night. all seems good. Now it’s a wait and see how it behaves when you really really need it in a pinch!

  38. Update to my post above: I did speak too soon. Now at work and T.V is unable to wake up the home computer from Sleep; Logmein still can. I have a static IP at home and the home computer is even in the router’s DMZ. Logmein is still the best, at least for my particular needs. But I am not going to pay $100/year to them. Will try other options.

  39. Which good alternative supports Wake-on-Lan and opening a Windows session after the PC has started ?

  40. I’d also pay your attention to FREE for commercial use Aeroadmin which requires no installation and registratio, works behind NAT. Perfect for spontaneous tech support, though it lacks some advanced features Logmein has.


    Hope it helps.

  41. Further update to my email–sorry, if this is boring you guys but I thought this can help us decide an alternative to LMI.
    I was unable to Wake up my home tower using Team Viewer because I was using a special Sleep.exe to put the computer to Sleep; that’s because when I would RDP to the home tower the Sleep command was missing from the Start menu–and Sleep.exe helped. But Sleep.exe put the computer in some real deep Sleep mode which Team Viewer was unable to Wake Up while LMI could. I will learn to use the Start menu to put the home computer to Sleep from now one because Team Viewer can Wake up from that state. My problem solved! I really think so this time!
    I downloaded and ran AeroAdmin. But won’t work for me. The program needs to be launched manually–doesn’t have an option to boot with Windows. And if it started with Windows my guess is that the computer IDs would change. How’d I know the ID of the remote computer without being there?
    PS. The irony is that I am using LMI’s remaining few days for the free account to setup and Team Viewer :)

  42. Try teamviewer 9 !!! The new version work just like logmein. It groped all link for every PCs you added to the list. no need to memorize computer ID for every computer. It also had clients for IOS and Android. Complete replacement for “fuxk”mein. !!!!

  43. I suggest to check Supremo (www.supremocontrol.com). Indeed less feature-rich than TeamViewer but far more affordable.

    At least if you work on Windows.

  44. ISL Online (www.islonline.com) offers highly secure software and mobile applications for remote access, remote support, live chat and web conferencing all included in their All-In-One License. Starting at $145 for a pay-per-use plan or $469 for a yearly subscription. The license does NOT limit number of users, number of computers accesses or number of workstations. More infomation: http://blog.islonline.com/2014/01/24/alternative-to-logmein-for-sme-fifth-of-its-price-isl-online-all-in-one/

  45. If you’re looking for a free for home and business remote desktop software you definitely have to try Aeroadmin. It’s quite smart and easy. Requires no registration and installation and works behind NAT. Hope it helps.

  46. ISL Online offers highly secure cross-platform services for remote access, remote support, live chat and web conferencing. One license enables ALL four products, plus it doesn’t limit the number of installs, users, seats. Starting at $145 for a pay-per-use plan.

  47. From what I can tell, TeamViewer is incredibly expensive – you could buy two or three others products for that pricing.

  48. I have been using logmein for 8 years or so for free. All the alternatives look rubbish compared to them but I am not bothered. I just thought logmein would have some loyalty after all these years, I mean I am still mpoving from logmein to something else because logmein only looked like a good deal for free. The price of their paid versions is an astounding ripoff and would have cost me near on £900 A YEAR ! to manage my families computers. Theyre having a laugh arent they? I feel like they are saying to all us freeloaders “You want mirrion dorrar!? Here bomb stuff you!”. I think they are being harsh

  49. Someone mention beanywhere for non-comercial use, but in fact their free version is free for comercial use. Those who used to use free logmein and are now moving to free teamviewer remember that logmein made it free for professional use. Using teamviewer free might cost you a fine. Not to mention that it dosen’t look good to the customer. Maybe its time to pay!

  50. ISL Online is as stated a complete replacement for all LogMeIn products, and is offered for less than $130 for a Pay Per Use plan.

  51. I’ve Tried Aeroadmin : ok behind a classic connection (no output filtering)

    The problem comes when you have output filtering, you need to open ouput port 9000 instead of a classic autorized port …

  52. I am quite satisfied with Team Viewer now; there have been periodic issues with remote wake up even after my post above. Team Viewer’s instructions for WOL mentioned UDP port 9. That was not working for me. So I did some research and found that I needed a ‘Destination Port’ (as per Wire Cast captures–the port was NOT UDP 9 !) which was the UDP port for my remote desktop to be used not only in the T.V configuration but also in router port forwarding. I entered that info and, voila!, the remote computer wakes up consistently now. Yay!
    And, oh, I can still do the WOL using Logmein–they are just not allowing remote sessions. Still can be good in a pinch.

  53. I discovered a few months before LogMeIn Free has gone,
    a free and reliable alternative : Ammyy Admin
    After downloading and launching the app (726kb filesize) ,
    the app give’s a unique ID nr on the pc/laptop it’s started.
    From another location, you start Ammyy Admin and you put in this ID nr,
    and from now on, you can login with your normal credentials like if your actually behind the pc/laptop.
    Almost the same procedure like Teamviewer, only without the hassle of random password.
    Ammyy Admin had a option for installing as a service, so it starts at windows startup.


  54. moved to Splashtop Business…. it’s a lot cheaper yet full feature for remote supporting customers.
    cannot be happier. very responsive support and service

  55. Helpful article this one. For both business and individual use I would recommend NoMachine’s remote access software. I don’t know why but I don’t trust Ammyy, and Aero Admin is too slow for what I need it for. If not NoMachine, then simply Chrome.

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